Honesty or Secrecy?

Resolution #1 Hold my tongue:
If everyone in the world is honest, do you think good relationship will exist?
Yes if we were used to that culture of complete truthfulness of what we see, hear and feel but since we grew up living in “pretentions” or white lies, the truth and honestly is such a lonely word, as a famous artist hymns.
I’m sure you know what I mean, after all how would you feel if your lover or partner tells you that he or she is faking orgasms or that you take too long or too soon to climax. Or that your partner or lover is having some fantasies on his head sometimes when you two do the deed and probably was imagining that cute tight assed office secretary or that six-packed hunk janitor at his or her work. Telling half-truths is sometimes the safest answer to prevent arguments and misunderstanding.
Hold my tongue is one on my resolutions to a new me or at least a better me this coming year and new decade in my life. My frankness and openness to what I feel, see and hear gets me in trouble sometimes. It puts me on the spot more often than not and they regard me as being a snob self-centered holier-than-thou person. It is either them or me looking bad when I am being candid. Either or it makes me feel bad so this time around I won’t react and keep my mouth shut to small insignificant things or at least the things that can’t harm me physically or kill me. But then again lying to oneself is sadder than telling the truth. It is tact that is golden, not silence. Maybe I should just think of a better way to say things than the usual way I do. Hmmmm… ok revise that resolution to practice diplomacy, yikes!
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