Happy Valentines!

“Those who fall in love and say they are in love with someone they haven’t seen or touched need psychological help.” Was she being sarcastic, pessimistic, realistic, and idealistic or was it because she has not experienced love on its peak level?

I’m not being judgmental though I am reacting from my own experience. It’s just that maybe I feel sorry for her or for myself. She is seeing things in the simplistic manner while I see things in a complicated way. Life to her is black and white. To me life is full of color not just black and white or gray.

She said this while we were watching some pre-valentine TV presentation about some girl and boy falling madly in love with someone they haven’t met in person and yet having the desire to be with this person for the rest of his or her life.

I can relate to what they were saying but she was very cold about the idea. “They have psychological problem, they need psychiatric help,” she said. I may be outspoken in my written works but in person I barely talk to people, I am not comfortable with and just smile or nod my head. Less talk fewer mistakes, a cliché I know all of you have heard. I just smiled when she said that, thinking maybe she was teasing wanting a reaction from me. I was not in an argumentative mood so I just let it pass.

But now I have my PC back (3 days offline because of my PC is having a mind of its own) I will say my piece!

Love in its truest sense knows no boundaries and distance. Love is a feeling from our heart not through our mind. Our head may instruct us to do other things rather than follow our heart but the heart will always bother. Shutting it off will just make life difficult than it seem. Love is not just the physical although it satiates all our senses.

It is hard to explain through words alone. A lot have attempted to describe it but nobody has ever captured its entirety. To know love is to be in love. True love brings out the best in us. I am not an expert in love but I know the feeling of love.

I wish for her to feel love as I wish everyone love and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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