Three to Seven

Resolution # 3 Stop being judgmental
I don’t know how this resolution got in here, hmmm maybe because sometimes because of my impulsiveness I tend to judge people and situation by their looks and by their previous acts. Sometimes emotion gets the best of me and I just do according to that particular moment.

It’s really hard to not give an immediate impression I can’t be unaffected. A famous line from Ants said nothing is impossible, to restrain my feelings, my thoughts and deeds, would that mean I am being untrue to myself? Then again it all boils down, think before you act.

Resolution # 4 Never expect
This is tough but I guess I should learn not to expect. Even if somebody gave their word to do or give things, I should not be looking forward until it is actually there. Anticipation turns into depression or frustration most of the time and it sucks to feel the downfall after being so high with the keenness of something good coming. Don’t count the chicks until the eggs are hatched!

Resolution # 5 Procrastinate less
Me procrastinating is brought by my tendency to expect, so if I eliminate expectation I won’t be procrastinating, so the two go hand-in-hand. However, there is no real excuse from being idle but just being plain lazy.

Resolution #6 Care less about meaningless stuff and people
That says it all. If they are meaningless why do I have to give shit about them, what they do, what they say or whatever I mean they are nothing so why bother!

Easier said than done but I just hope that my memory won’t fail me every time I bump in a situation that will make me short tempered or affected and make me burst out of my rational self again!

Resolution # 7 Control my temper
It’s like saying putting ice to a freshly boiled beef stew ugh! What an analogy though 😛 This is also similar to the revision I did about capping my impulse.

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