Cheating (repost from my 360)

If you catch your man or woman cheat on you, would you still be able to trust him completely without any doubts on the back of your head that she/he might do again?

What guarantees do we all have that this will not happen again?

Should we just tolerate our guy or girl to be friendly with the opposite sex even if there are some innuendos or flirtations that come around? Would you be able to bear with it and take it all in even if it hurts you in some point?

Is a guy or a girl’s jealousy based on her own insecurities about his or herself and the way he/she sees the relationship?

If a guy or a girl is confident enough about his or her relationship do you think he or she will ever get jealous?

Is it just the girls who checks out on their men’s loyalty or fidelity to them or do the guys do it as well? If it’s just the women who do that does that mean men are more secure and confident about their partners that they don’t think of doing it at all?

Why do men stray or slip as they call it?

The Test
Is it a common knowledge or is it just me who think it is, but I believe that all women, and I mean ALL always test their men to gauge how much their men loves them. The test can be big or small but for whatever reason or season it is, men are always put in an ordeal men never really understand.

But sometimes because men don’t understand that they are going through an assessment by their women they think their women mistrust them and questions their love and leaves. Leaving the women with a conclusion that “That’s how much he loves me, that’s how much he could only endure,” (with a pitiful and sad look on their face.
On the other hand, once their men pass the ordeal, they leave their women fulfilled, satisfied and confident about their men’s love for them because after the men passed the test they just affirmed the belief of their women that they truly love them until the next test comes!)

Yes there is another test and another test after that and another and another. In fact the test never runs out it goes on and on and on and on as long as we women live. It comes in the unexpected time but mostly during times of tribulation on the relationship. It also comes when the women feels insecure either because their men has less time for the relationship (or the women) because the other is away , busy at work, or spends more time with friends rather than their partners. But test could also come during the happiest point of the relationship; they just use it to establish the fact that their man loves them period.

Men will never understand this thing that women do, they think we do it to hurt them or hurt ourselves. But see isn’t it nice to know (errrrr that’s an understatement, we women would be very ecstatic actually to know) and confirm (upon our own investigation) that the love their man avows is authentic.

Oh btw, there are many ways and places we do the test even in the most simplest thing like washing the dishes lol!. And about us women being a cop to our man well, why would you call us a cop? A cop is for criminals or offenders, if you are not doing anything wrong why would you feel bad about being checked on right? It’s not giving strain to the relationship just purifying it I guess.


  1. It’s hard to bring back the trust once it’s lost. Even if I still love the guy I always let go once he cheats on me. The pain just becomes more unbearable the more I see him or spend time with him.

  2. if ever it will happen to me, discovering my man having an affair, I will never forgive him

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