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Diet for Autistic

There is this interesting idea that I am slowly learning about it was about introducing a specific diet specially prepared and dedicated for autistic children which they claim to help on the development of a child with this situation.

Jenny McCarthy was one of the most popular people to come out in the open about her situation and she bats for certain type of diet for kids with this order based on her personal experience.

There was this GFCF diet, gluten free casein free diet eliminating wheat (gluten) and cassein (milk products) from their diets. McCarthy uses this diet for her son. Gluten Free Cassein Free (GFCF) diets was said to make a difference for a significant percentage of children with autism. This is probably not because they heal or cure underlying symptoms of autism, but because they treat gastrointestinal problems which are surprisingly common among children with autism (about 12 to 19 percent of children with autism have chronic diarrhea, constipation, reflux and other issues).

Dr. Cynthia Molloy is a researcher at the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. She explains why such a diet might be helpful, and it is really just common sense. Here’s the gist of her explanation: If a child is suffering from chronic diarrhea, constipation, reflux, or another significant gastrointestinal problem, he or she is likely to be uncomfortable. An uncomfortable child is likely to be easily frustrated and quick to anger – and is likely to have challenging behaviors. Gluten (wheat) and cassein (milk) are often the culprits behind such issues. Eliminate the gluten and cassein, and you may eliminate the gastrointestinal problem. Eliminate the problem, and you eliminate the pain. Eliminate the pain, and the frustration, anger and behaviors may well evaporate!

I am still skeptic about this since a major food that needed to be eliminated in this kind of diet is rice, my daughters’ favorite food. My daughter is a rice person and she can just get full by eating rice. Other food s that should be eliminated is milk and cereals. When I told my mother about the food experiment I will do for Tasha to help her improve some more she got angry. What are you going to do starve the kid?

I understand her apprehension and honestly I feel I will starve her with this kind of diet but as a parent like me who just wish to raise a better person than I am, and wish my daughter to get through this difficulty will flying colors, I will try everything.

Doing my research, I found another type of diet, SCD Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Latest scientific finding conclude that SCD is better diet for autism confirming that gut pathogens (the microorganisms in the gut) cause digestive and brain problems. This research has established that gut pathogens can damage the GI tract and impair the brain function of autistic children. It attests that harmful gut pathogens survive because they feed and thrive on carbohydrates that are difficult to digest. When SCD eliminates the pathogens’ favorite carbohydrates, it starves them out. They can no longer live and continue destroying our children’s guts and brains.

Rice will still be eliminated from the diet but with the menu I found included on the online resource I got, this could actually be workable most of the food my daughter loves won’t be eliminated compared to the diet the GFCF suggested.
Here is the list of foods suggested to introduce a child in the SCD diet for 2-5 days:

Chicken broth
• Chicken broth with pureed cooked carrots
• Chicken broth with chunks of cooked chicken
• Chicken broth with cooked carrot sliced into little “coins”
• Chicken broth with “chicken balls” made from ground chicken
• Chicken broth with “noodles” made from beaten eggs cooked omelette-style into a “crepe” and then rolled up and thinly sliced
• Chicken egg-drop soup

Chicken pancakes
Roasted chicken
Roasted turkey
Roasted Lean Pork (such as tenderloin)
Broiled Fish

Beef broth
• Beef broth with meatballs made from ground beef

Broiled Hamburger patties
• can be made with ground beef, chicken, turkey
Broiled Meatballs
• can be made with ground beef, chicken, turkey

• scrambled
• poached
• hard-boiled
• soft-boiled
• sunny side up

• Homemade jello (made from unflavored real gelatin and purple and/or white Welch’s grape juice(100% grape in a jar, any color, not frozen, not with calcium) or Apple Cider (cider only, brown, refrigerated; commercial apple JUICE IS NEVER legal)
Made in a shallow pan and cut with shaped cookie cutters or into cubes
Do not be afraid to eat foods that are traditionally served for lunch or dinner at breakfast. While on the intro, soup, gelatin or hamburgers (or any of the above) can be a great breakfast.

The SCD website also made a menu that is so easy to follow. Parents should remember to introduce foods slowly and feed only tolerated foods.

For more reads and information about diets for autism check out these websites:
Diet Resource Autism Web
SCD Diet Menu and Food List
GFCF Food List

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  3. Wow thanks for sharing this info lee 🙂 I am still kinda apprehensive with the diet because my daughter is a picky eater too. But yeah my daughter doesn’t drink much milk too and she did it on her own seems she knows whats good for her. I’ll take your advise I think. Thanks so much 🙂

  4. I took milk out of my sons diet. Since then I can tell a difference. But I cannot take much else from him since he is very picky eater. But right now the focus is on milk products. His stomach doesnt make that angry sound and he doesnt have diahria anymore. Nothing like potty talk:)

  5. I took milk out of my sons diet. Since then I can tell a difference. But I cannot take much else from him since he is very picky eater. But right now the focus is on milk products. His stomach doesnt make that angry sound and he doesnt have diahria anymore. Nothing like potty talk:)

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