Where Did Lysol To Go Take Moms-on-the-Go and Vice Versa

Where Did Lysol To Go Take Moms-on-the-Go and Vice Versa

Mom’s are not just nurturing beings, but they are also very protective especially of the people and things they treasure. That is why, whenever they are, they make sure that they and their family are safe and secured. That is why most of the time you will see a lot of moms carrying around huge handbags with them whenever they’re out. This is because in the bag are their daily essentials where everything they need (the basic needs and things in case of emergency) are stuffed inside.

Exhibit A: The smaller purse inside my main bag.

Lysol To Go

It has everything I need like wipes, makeup, sunblock, powerbank, and yes allergy meds and a travel-size germ protection!

When I got invited to the Lysol Moms On The Go #LysolMoms #MomsOnTheGo event I did not hesitate to confirm. I am an avid user of Lysol Disinfectant Spray and I believe in the brand. I was not expecting much as the event was said to take place at Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain at Bonifacio Global City.

It was a little fancy set-up with red carpet and a “stewardess” who gave us our boarding passes. We got seated the ala-carte area outside the shop and had we ordered anything we want. Since it was an ice cream bar I went with their best seller Hot Fudge Sundae! OMG! Glorious.

I was happily waiting for the next thing to happen eating my sundae that is so delish. Until a stewardess approached us informing us about our departure soon.

Renting your first RV
Oh! We are leaving!

And then a Black Fleet came out of nowhere and suddenly we are boarding! Too cool!

A small program to introduce Lysol To Go was held inside the Black Fleet that was decorated with colourful balloons and filled with snacks and drinks. All the mums inside the bus were excited to see the Lysol to Go. A pocketsize version of the Lysol Disinfectant Spray we all love which kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria such as colds and flu viruses.

Lysol to Go
Happy with what we saw and heard as the Lysol To Go is just Php150.00 only and is now available in major supermarkets in the country. It used to be sold for Php350 at True Value!

Lysol moms Lysol to go
After the program on the bus, we were taken to our next destination 2nd’s at the High Street BGC where we were welcomed like a beauty queen as each of us were given a bouquet of flowers !

Lysol moms Lysol to go
Dinner was fun especially with great food and talk. Who could guess what we talked about while dining aside from sharing parenting tips, fears and achievements? I don’t think it is something people talk about while having dinner! Haha!

As a mom-on-the-go as I am I was delighted to have this Lysol To Go on hand that it have taken it with me anywhere with me inside our home and even outdoors. Let me show you where I have taken, used and abused it these past few days:

Lysol to go
Compact and convenient, Lysol To Go is travel size that easily fits in my purse, my pocket and any kind of bag I bring along with me!

How about you, do you have other places you can list in here that you can take your Lysol To Go? Care to share the info?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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