Don’t Single Out Filipina Women

I was browsing blogs a couple days ago when I stopped by at Weng’s Filipina Love Stories and her topic caught my interest and I would like to elaborate on it some more. But before that I would like to commend Weng for her honesty and courage to come out in the open to tell her story.

“Money Grabbing, Be My Guest” was Weng’s title in her post. While Prily in her Capturing the Moments also made a similar themed post, “Marrying for Visa”.

People should not be judgmental about other people’s love story because everyone at one point in their lives has dark secrets and mistakes, only they hide their skeletons well while some share their experience to impart the lesson learned in the process to remind and advise other people hopefully not to make the same mistakes.

Let’s all be realistic and factual, it’s not only Pinays (Filipino women/women from the Philippines) who do this, in fact, if my memory serves me right, Russia was the first ever popular country for mail-order-brides. This type of “culture” of women trafficking happens all over the world, despite advocacies to eliminate this. It’s just that it’s more sophisticated now with the internet readily available and there’s no need for middle men to process and get cuts from “pimping” women.

I only disagree with one point here, that is to single out that Pinays as money grabber or marrying for convenience. Let’s all be honest, this doesn’t just happens here in the Philippines, women from Russia, Vietnam, Africa, India, Thailand are known to be involved in this “business”. It happens everywhere in the world.

However, I would also like to make a point and stress this one clear, that if there are “money grabbers” (let’s use Weng’s term), there are also those who exploit the weakness of other people from the poor countries and are ignorant but have this desire to elevate their social status and lives. It’s a poverty issue.

If there are victims there are the perpetrators or the culprits. However, to say that they are victims and culprit is not also politically correct since both willingly got in that situation. Like Weng, after going through some pride and values swallowing moments, emerged triumphant after finding the love she has now in Allen.

Here’s the moral of those stories, nobody can pretend and lie forever, the truth will always come out. So if you are one of the opportunist who is up for either money or sex, will in the end find a point in their lives that he/she wishes to be honest and find an honest person too that they can be with for now and eternity and be the love of his/her life.

Everybody makes mistakes, but hopefully everyone will learn from these mistakes and realize what’s truly important in life. Love is a gamble everyone plays, some play the game fair some don’t. But a heart who is open and truthful will emerge triumpanth. True love will always prevail.

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  1. I’m not tampo lol. I’m thankful for your comment. Unfortunately since you experienced it you generalize everyone and I don’t blame you. I also blame foreigners like you for going to the Philippines to find wives. Is there not a good woman in your countries that you have to go out of it to find one?

  2. Why do so many Filipinas marry foreigners? Is there a lack of good men in Ph? You don’t have to be uprooted, you could find local men. My sister in law is a Filipina and ensured she became pregnant before my brothers time in the country came to an end. My brother married her in order to bring her to Europe. She now spends her time looking for designer brands to spend my brothers money on. An extremely shallow individual, she has given me a very negative view of the Philippines culture, or lack of. We have tried to welcome her but have found her rude and disinterested, she only socialises with other Pinoys. Although just one example, she married for money and a visa. Yes I know you will say not all Filipinas are like that; however the majority are. Now go have a tampo.

  3. Hmm… Got here via Reddit then since I didn’t know what a Pinay was you got me reading.
    Your sentiments are bang on the money. Ooops bad choice of words.

    I myself married a German and it most certainly wasn’t for money. Been married 35 years this year. Wohooo

    Great article
    Wendys Reel

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