Earthly Vices

“Do you need to own that much?” I bet at one point in your lives you encountered this question, by who else, the most clueless people on Earth about women, men!

I went through my closet to check how many swimsuits I have, I was on verge of purchasing another one yesterday. It’s a nice two-piece swimsuit, striped designs of black, white, and brown; a string bikini bottom and top, very nice. I even took a picture of me in it using my camera phone, just to see how I look in it and maybe later on in a couple of days buy it! I look nice in it, so does my hunny thought, but it’s just another swimsuit, “I am more interested on what’s in it”(hehehe!).

Anyway so going through my closet I found that I have like 8 swimsuits, 4 one piece swim-wear and 4 two-piece swimsuits. Yikes! Hahahaha! Well, I guess that’s fair amount to have, don’t you think so girls? I bet some may have more than I have.

Well, I like heading to the beach or resort every summer and within the month me and my family will be going to Club Manila East, it’s not a beach but it’s a new resort at Taytay, Rizal and it has very nice pools, one of which mimics an actual ocean wave. Cool! Can’t wait.

Unlike any other girls/ladies I know, I’m not so much of a shoe person who probably owns not less than 20 pairs. I have enough pairs, 10 pairs to be exact that I alternately use depending on where to go and what to do. Also, because I have very small feet ranging 4-5 (51/2 when I’m lucky, hahahaha!) so I wear my shoe out as in until it can no longer be worn!

My feet are weird too, I break shoes easily, like it won’t last a year and I’ll break it. Lose a sole, break a string, scratch etc. That’s the main reason I don’t buy too much of them.

My greatest vice of all though is jeans! Goodness I absolutely love jeans! You can’t make me take them away from my wardrobe. If everyone was asked to just wear one piece of clothing in their lifetime I will choose jeans. Yikes I think I just give you an image of a topless sexy woman wearing jeans (rowr! Hahahaha!) I have more than 20 pairs of it (I’m such a pants person and those 20 pairs doesn’t even include slacks, white pants and khakis and cargo pants!).

I also love shades, although I only have 4 pairs in my possession right now (that is because my niece borrows and never return duh! Or my mom and scratch it, so I don’t like it anymore, or lost it somewhere). Each time I go out theirs is a 90% chance I will get one pair. I enormously, completely, definitely love them.

Another vice I have, just for discussion sake I will call this a vice, is foot spa, manicure and pedicure. I just love it, I also like having my nails done, not by me but by other people, I feel like a queen! Hahahaha! I also love the massage they give in the spa. When I used to work full time I go have a foot-spa twice a week, but now only when I go out. It’s my vice!

I love full body spa, with scrubs (chocolate, coffee or seaweed/seasalt scrub), then have a nice sauna bath, then a wonderful full body massage, but naked! Hahahaha!

Sex and the City said women’s vice include, men, clothes, shoes, cocktails, and cigarette. How about you what is your vice?

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  1. …okay I know I know, I’m back again.I just wanted you to know, You’ve been tagged;)

    Now I will try to stay away from my pc.Nite.

  2. Hahahahaha! OK Jade take care of those eyes… early goodnight for you there 🙂 and nice answer hahahaha!

  3. Yeah I might do that in a fe years time. Gosh I never thought I’d wear glasses.I really should sign off now.

    He asked me too as I was looking at a swimsuit to buy, “you’re buying again?” When are you gonna wear em all? Hahahha

    I say Don’t ask me difficult questions.

  4. Hahahaha! OMG! Jade a Mario addict! and now a blogging addict! Poor eyes! Get a lasik surgery! 😛 haha

    Yeah exactly, I sometimes stare blankly at my closet and say that “I don’t have anything to wear! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” hahahaha and our men would say “Women!” hahahahaha!

  5. OMG we have the same vices. I am however trying to cut down on shopping.My closet is exploding but still I find myself saying ” I don’t have anything to wear”. 😉

    I love shades too but can’t wear them unless they have a grado. Gossh I hate my eyes.Too much playing with mario brothers when I was young I guess…

    Have a great evening girl…

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