Help Me Solve The 1 Million Question

I think I should stop reading about page ranks and improving it, it’s confusing me and the more I read about them the more I get confused. I found a thread at Blog Catalog about Alexa rating and it made my head spin some more because it gave me a confusing result with regards to this particular blog. It showed traffic rank 11 but no data about this site. Weirdness!

My Happiness Haven ranked more than 2 million; I don’t feel bothered really since it’s just a month and 5 days old.

Anyway, with all the readings I did that confused me some more than just give me peace of mind (LOL). I want to dismiss all those rank mumbo-jumbos since what’s important is I have advertisers on my blogs and I am earning (not as to make it a full-time work, but just as fun and rewarding at the same time, since I honestly enjoy blogging) and I just got accepted with two paid blogging thingies and I am content with that. I will write for them as intermission and I will still write what’s going on in my head.

And then there’s this “hype” about blogger closing or deleting blogs. That’s scary really but haven’t we all heard the same news in every internet community, messengers or whatever like MSN, Yahoo, Friendster, Facebook etc. etc. etc. With messages ending or beginning with if you don’t pass this message whatever will be deleted. Isn’t it obvious that it’s just a spam? Like right now I will tell you, if you don’t post a comment on this post I will flood you with spam!”

I envy those three column blogs though; I wish I can do it here for my blogger. I’ll self-study some more and see what I can do. Hmmmm.

But still, it remains my 1 million dollar question, what the hell was wrong with this blog that I don’t see any data but instead it associates this blog to particularly to my dashboard! OMG! That freaked me out like WHAT! MY dashboard is out in public!

Anybody? HELP!


  1. Yeah girl, can’t understand this things and maybe I’ll leave this to those things that exist that I do not understand and just go on my usual way like they don’t exist too hahaha!

  2. I don’t know much about page rank, its weird, I know a lot of website people are really into it, and many regular surfers have no clue what it is.

    Google PageRank also seems to penalize people for random things, people aren’t sure when they’ll update page rank, it seems so crazy. there this blog by xiaxue that’s insanely popular with a pagerank of only 3!

    I also do not understand SEO etc

  3. I see… ok thanks much for the help, you and Zunnur are very helpful to me you know 🙂 I appreciate it so much! 🙂

  4. this will be the third try that I am trying to post this comment.. ha ha ha.. Another way to increase your page rank is by allow others to link back to your site. For instance, this article of yours. I would like to be able to link back to it to answer your question about making a three column template. Let me know if you have any further question.


  5. I have an answer for you on that… but it is a bit tricky catch me later and i will explain to you … you have several options on how to do it. How about I will write a blog for you to get this together. Ok catch you later

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