Ruthless Bank Robbery and More Question

Late afternoon today a news came throught text that an RCBC bank branch in Cabuyao Laguna was robbed before it’s opening time around 9am. Everyone in the bank, including the bank manager, teller and other staff members were all dead and shot in the head. Two of the banks security guard cannot be found in the vicinity. Just couple minutes ago, the news said that one of the guards turned himself in and will cooperate for the arrest of the culprits.

Bank robberies has been frequent here in the country of late. It’s likely that crime rates of theft and robbery would be very common these days with the hike in the prices of commodities, underpaid workers, unemployment, natural disasters and calamities displacing people away from their homes and places of work.

Where have all the money gone? Why is the world suffering increase in price of all commodities, even threats of food shortages, power shortages, and with oil prices soaring and with just 20 years of oil supply will be available?

Tropical Cyclone Dindo left the country, but Cosme still remains and is expected to intensify to typhoon signal number 4. Summer isn’t over yet but why too much rain? Is this one of the effects of Global Warming?

There were news circulated through text messaging that following the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in China the Philippines will be the next to suffer a more than 6 magnitude earthquake. Report was said to have come from the US geographical institution.

Well, it did happen, Thank God the damage was not as alarming as it was in China. In Isabela a 5.9 magnitude earthquake was recorded, 4.5 in Pampanga and 3 in Baguio. The country is experiencing too many earthquakes lately. Scary. Is the end near?

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  1. Yeah Sphynx, it’s really sad. I used to be able to go home from a night out at 3am but now I can’t I’m too afraid to fall pray so I stay overnight wherever I can whenever I go out, if not I had someone take me home.

    I had an officemate he was just doing a review for a new cellphone and it was sad they killed him for this phone!!!

    The China incident is so devastating, it’s so sad that some secretly think China deserve this because it’s their karma…. yuk.

  2. Exactly Jojo WHY???

    That was really ruthless, first time ever I heard it happened here in the Philippines, and it was gory it was a summary execution. Imagine they line them up and shot them in the head point blank!!!

  3. I was shocked when I saw that news. The killing was planned, methodical and point blank. That was just horrible.

    China’s devastating condition really breaks my heart. i can’t stop thinking of those thousands of kids stuck underneath willing for God and their parents to save them.

    I didn’t know about the earthquake in Isabela.

  4. Things are not so good in the Philippines these days, security-wise. I mean, robbers would even kill a student just for the sake of a mobile phone. Can the price of a secondhand phone in the market equal to the life of an innocent student? This is the reason why I do not allow my children to go out at night because even if I trust them, I could no longer trust the people around them.

    Calamities and disasters might be caused by our abuse of Mother Nature, like global warming. This is one summer here that seems like we are already on our Rainy/Wet season which should typically start on July.

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