We Caught Some Virus!

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We Caught Some Virus!

Yuk! The whole family has caught some virus. I got sore eyes , sore throat. I think I am having a flu. My mom also got sore eyes and had it for a week now. My daughter just got well from a mild flu and had caught the sore eyes virus too. And last but not least my sister she had the same symptoms as me. We are all ill! Terrible!

Who spread the virus?

A couple days ago we went to the doctor for her regular check-up, she already have sore eyes. However, the doctor assured me that her sore eyes was not infectious as it is not bacterial . My mom who have had it for days now didn’t want to consult a doctor and instead opted to self medicate and purchased some eye drops.

Today we went for a follow-up check-up regarding my daughter’s sore eyes which is not getting any better but worse. Her eye boogers or rheum (muta) is getting worse. She can barely open her eyes now, which is scary.

The doctor said this happens because my daughter keeps rubbing her eyes, he warned me if she don’t stop rubbing her eyes worst comes to worst I will have to take her to an ophthalmologist and have her eyelashes removed! Yikes! ( I really hate that doctor! But he I have no choice he is the closest to our home!)

Anyway, since we seemed to have caught some virus, we stock-up on all types of eye drops one was of the doctors and the other is Eye Mo. I have a Bactidol for my sore throat and got Advil and Alaxan for headaches and body pains.

We all feel ill, probably we were exhausted from yesterdays rehearsal flight of my sister to Dubai. The erratic weather did not help at all. The sun was high in the afternoon really hot and humid and then before dusk rained started to pour.

I wish we all get well soon! This suck. We are so worn out we are not even in the mood to celebrate Mother’s Day. We were suppose to watch What Happens in Vegas.

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