Michael Phelps an Inspiration to the Differently-Abled Children

I couldn’t help but smile and be inspired by seeing a full-page feature on Michael Phelps today on the Manila Bulletin. Why not? His achievement at the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing, China that concluded yesterday was outstanding and out-of-the-ordinary giving him the title of as “The Greatest Olympian of All Time”. More especially knowing he is differently-abled, he was diagnosed at age 9 to have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivy disorder).

Michaels mother was devastated when his teacher told her that his son will never be able to focus on anything as his grades were B’s and C’s and a few D’s. I could imagine how crushed his mother was hearing this about his son.

This is just an example, that people should not discriminate and be judgmental because they will never know who or who will become the person they are underestimating.

Too many adults looked at Michael as a boy and saw what he couldn’t do. “The world tuned to the Beijing Olympics and saw what he could do.” His story serves as hope for parents of any child with challenge, like mine.

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