Celebrate Halloween With My Scary Friends

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This is my horror house and these are my friends. Come join me and my scary friends as we celebrate Halloween. This is the night you will never ever forget.

Can you guest who are the special guest for this horrifyingly scary and fun party? (Clue they are already here in the picture and found on the scariest horror movies.)

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Update: Wow! With the comments I got it seemed not too much are a scary movie fan in here! Anyway my guest are : Chuckie and his bride and son, Freddie Kruger, The Crypt Keeper, Sadako from The Ring, The Exorcist, Jason in Friday the 13th, Pinhead in Hell Raiser, The Queen of the Damned, Spike, Elvira, Dracula and the scary guy from Scream!
(click the image to zoom on the image and see my guests!)

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  1. Bren

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Kelli @ Gohn Crazy

    Looks like a smashing party.

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