Do You Believe?

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Do You Believe?

Recently I made a post about the orbs in my house. I was skeptic about it because in some occasions in the past there were photos I took that would have this speckles of light in it. I didn’t give a big deal about it not until I read some blog post about capturing orbs. I was thinking maybe there was something wrong in the angling of the photo or some splash of light or water. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary kind of thing. Just something that happens when taking pics.
I captured orbs?
Next shot after it, no more orbs.
Yesterday, my aunts went for a visit, my mother’s sister, one was older than her and the other was younger, but both of them shall I say, are religious and I should say somewhat fanatic in mysticism, spirits etc.

The younger aunt already knew about the orb pics I took, because prior to their visit mom went to their place too and they talked about orbs. My younger aunt said the parish priest from their city was staunchly campaigning that “the Holy Spirit” is among us, sending us a message, telling us to go back to Him. Since, she said, many people have lost faith in God and are no longer going to church.

The priest made part of his campaign a photo taken in their church where a big speckle of light, like this one was captured. My aunt said they even enlarged the photo and framed it for everyone to see. “God is with us!” A quote underneath the photo was written.

Anyway, when my aunts were here. They want to see the photo I took with orbs in it and oh boy! was I surprised by their reaction. They knelt before my computer screen, started crying, and praying frantically. I didn’t know how to react, I was like dumbfounded. I wanted to laugh, honestly because they look like fanatic fools to me. But my politeness took over I didn’t react and just look at them. I think my mom was stunned by the reaction as well.

After some praying and crying and my aunts calmed, they asked to look at the photo some more and to zoom in to the details. I am sorry but I think I enjoyed the show so I fed them something more to get goosebumps.

As I zoomed in I told them, “Look this one looks like an old guy, while this one looks like a fetus.”

I got another crazy reaction. “God of mercy! Manang Antonia, God is visiting you, he is telling you something,” the younger aunt said. Then both of them started touching my screen kissing and stuff.

I left them for a couple minutes so they will have their time, all three of them and they had some serious talk, I won’t go to details.

After awhile, I went back, they asked to see the photo again. So I did show it to them, full screen. The crying and praying done already and we were just talking about Jolina Magdangal’s orb photos shown in Unang Hirit at GMA 7 during the Halloween.

Something weird happen. The pic disappeared from the scree, no not screen saver I had mine up for 1 hour before the screen saver. The screen went white and it said “preview not available”. I asked my aunt if she touched the mouse and accidentally deleted it, she said she didn’t and I believe her because she was a meter away from the screen and the mouse. My daughter was beside me so it couldn’t be her.

I went to search for the photo in my PC but it was not in the folder I place it, it was not in my recycle bin either, it was nowhere in the PC memory or even in my cellphones memory card, where the image was stored and originally came from. More prayers came as I was searching. “God just want to show his presence to us,” they said.

The pic was still on my blog though, but it was a bit weird that it disappeared from my memory card or even my PC.

Did something incomprehensible just happened? Was our mind playing tricks on us? Or did God really want to send a message? Is it something the X-files would want to uncover? I wanna believe. Whatever it was, I really don’t know. But I think what happened was really really weird.
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  1. Very interesting post. I like to think they are angels (but I don’t know for sure!).

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