Shoes and Sucky Services

S is for Shoes, S is ABC Wednesday Round 3 letter for the week!

What’s a girl without her shoes? I don’t know but if that girl is me I would be a sad sulky girl. I stock-up on shoes because of my super small size. I would be lucky to fit in a 5 (a 3 in UK size). But really I am a 4 or 4 1/2.

Never mind the brand, I am not much a fan of those, or rather I don’t have the guts or the money to spend for high end brand names. I go for the local and branded but not those on the side street stores because they won’t fit me at all.

S for Sucky Services

I wasn’t online all day because of my Sucky Smartbro Service. Smartbro is the broadband company providing my internet service, I called them like 3 times yesterday because their lines keep getting cut and all the agent can tell me after seventeen minutes my antenna has a weak signal! Sucky! Sucky! Sucky! So they will be coming (supposedly today, but they didn’t) to fix my antenna. I got home from and turned my pc on and what do you know I got net again. Duuh!

Want to hear more Sucky Service?

Well, Banco De Oro Credit Card service sucks as well. We requested to change the billing address since May and well until now I haven’t got a single bill since then, but that doesn’t mean I don’t pay, I have receipts to shove to their face.

Anyway, I called their customer service hotline today and yes lines are getting cut and I wasn’t satisfied with what the other agents were telling me. There was one agent, Miles was her name and she was ready to fix the booboo but then yes, (poor phone company service?) our line got cut at the middle of her confirming their mistake!

They all told me the same thing that they attempted to send my Supplementary Card six times but it keeps returning to them because of incomplete address. It wasn’t MY fault it was their fault the documentation regarding the transaction for change of address and supplementary card is very clear the address I provided was complete. It seemed whoever printed the address on that stoopid packet forgot the number 9 on the block number. Stoopid! I was calling the supervisor to fix the problem but the agent Shane or the supervisor humself don’t want to take the call so, I filled a customer complaint!

Sorry for this sucky rant post. It’s not all bright and sunny you know. But here is a beautiful Sun up in the Sky on a Summertime!

Taken at Puerto Princesa Palawan
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  1. ha!ha!ha! it’s always SmartBro. I even had an experience, for 3 months straight Super poor connection talaga. But now, mine is doing ok…nakailang tawag din ako.

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