Post Christmas Sentiments 2008

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Post Christmas Sentiments 2008

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Christmas 2008
After my 30 years of existence this was the first Christmas spent without my father. My Christmas was spent in a different way, I didn’t do any cooking except for the lasagna I made that my family likes. We went to my brother’s house instead of them coming over like before. Subconsciously, my sis, my mom and I, and probably my daughter, was a bit sad about celebrating Christmas inside our home because dad wasn’t there anymore, my father whom we wake before 12 midnight to spend the Noche Buena.
Our Christmas was fun despite the missing person in the family, fun in different way. My brother stood as the “father” of the family. He called out our names as he read the card on the gifts under the Christmas tree, everyone had a gift. We ate our hearts out at the sumptuous food prepared by my sister-in-law, her crispy pata and carbonara and they all love my lasagna!

I just realized no family picture as a whole were taken this Christmas compared to the past Christmases. I miss my father terribly.

We left the house at Christmas and went out-of-the-country (Hong Kong a subconscious way to forget that we are sad about the missing figure in the family.

We were happy at the trip but still was wishing dad was with us to see the amazing things we saw, live a life we know he dreamed of experiencing too.

But I remain in comfort to know he doesn’t feel any pain anymore because of his lung infections brought by his smoking at an early age, that was the reason why he had gone. Although his physical body is not with us anymore, his memory and everything about him will be with us forever.

Happy Holidays dad! I love you.

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3 thoughts on “Post Christmas Sentiments 2008

  1. hey— this post brought tears in my eyes…i love my dad too. he is still with us of course, but I can’t imagine life without him—

    anyway, happy new year, from my family to yours…

  2. its really hard without your dad.. but you said it right.. he is in a more happy plcae now.. not feeling any pain..

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