Anastacia’s 7th Birthday Party

Venue and Catering/Party services are the two most important factor when organizing a birthday party or any other type of event and occasions, they will contribute a lot in having a successful event.

I failed miserably at the catering services I hired, they did not deliver on time, in fact they came after the visitors and the celebrant came, which is a big no no. It was their fault and so I was able to refund half of what I paid them.

Good thing I have a great venue, it was the saving factor for Tasha’s 7th Birthday party. There were two pools one kiddie pool and one for the adults and was ready to use by my visitors.

The party was suppose to start at 11am, I invited some of the guest to come at 9am if they wanted to go swimming. I rented the venue from 9am to 4pm. My catering came at 12 noon! I Could you just fathom my anxiety when visitors are already there enjoying the pool and there was no set-up yet for Tasha’s party!

The clowns came in late too, I told them to be there at 12 nn they came almost 2pm, much worst the balloons came much later! The balloons arrived at 2:30pm the program was almost over and the visitors are ready to take their second dip on the pool.

But all ended well, Tasha enjoyed her party most especially the swimming pool! The guest said they enjoyed the party and I should not feel bad for the failure of my caterer. The clowns compensated for their delay they were good and livened the party. But of course I should not let their mishap pass so I did the refund the next day. I paid well and I paid full, money is not the issue but their service was a horror I won’t recommend it to anyone else. I will definitely recommend the venue though it is perfect! (If you are planning a party at the Quezon City area with a pool this one is perfect, contact me if you are interested just click that contact me form.) This was held at North Olympus Club House in Zabarte Road Quezon City

For DIY (do-it-yourself) kiddie party here’s your checklist:

1) Venue
2) Catering services which includes:

  1. food
  2. waitering
  3. catering utensils/cutlery
  4. venue decoration and set-up
  5. party services which includes
  • games and entertainment
  • hosting
  • cake
  • game prizes
  • loot bags
  • invitations
  • birthday banner/ tarpaulin
  • thank you cards
  • balloons
  • party hats
  • guest book
  • video and photography
  • giveaways/ souvenirs
  • sounds/ music

3) Party Theme which you will coordinate with your caterer or event organizer.

4) Plan at least a month ahead of the party and inform guest earlier so you can have a head count as soon-as-possible and iron out problems sooner and prevent disasters like what happened to my party. It was a rushed planning barely a week was caught between Holiday season planning the dilemma of having a birthday close to Christmas!

5) Don’t pay full outright with any of the services you hire because like me they may not deliver as they promised and if you are not as lucky as me to be able to get a refund , all you are left with are regrets and bid sayonara to your money.

6) Have as many hands to help you out with the planning, organizing and executing the party. Tell friends, relatives or if you can hire a paki boy (errand boys) to do all the errands for you. That was my big problem I shouldered everything from planning, organizing and executing since there’s just me my mom and daughter here. Good thing I had that nanny to help a bit despite it was her day-off I asked her to come and I’ll pay her extra and my good friend Ella to help out with the video and photography. Thank you!

Lesson learned never to pay cash, never to plan a party less than a week of the event, never to hire that party supplier (I won’t even mention their name as to not promote them), never do things on your own (if possible).
To everyone who attended the party and made it a success, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

(Thank you card courtesy of Iva of the Filipino Web)


  1. Hi!
    can you please share your daughter’s party venue? contact number perhaps? how much is the rental fee?thanks!

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