The Funtacular Way I Eat My Nestle Crunch Ice Cream

If you are following me on Twitter or Instagram, you could see how I and my family are such an Ice Cream addict. We don’t wait for any occassion just to have a galon or two a day. We don’t believe in depriving ourselves of the food we love to eat. The family believes that being a hearty eater is the way to live happy and healthy.

When I was asked to join Nestle Crunch Ice Cream in a photoshoot to show how I eat my ice cream. I did not hesitate, I was actually surprised in a good way, for one, Nicolo Cosme will be doing the shoot, and hmmm Nestle Crunch and Ice Cream? Aren’t they two different product? Hmmmmm looks like another yummy dessert idea from Nestle!

I was right NESTLÉ CRUNCH Ice Cream s a genius innovation from NESTLÉ ICE CREAM. It has TRIPLE CHOCOLATE GOODNESS: crispy CRUNCH outer shell, creamy chocolate ice cream, and a surprise choco fudge filling.

Nestle Crunch Ice Cream

Will you look at that!

Nestle Crunch Ice Cream
Now the challenge is how to eat this yummy Nestle Crunch Ice Cream in a funtacular way? A dozen and more ways actually, your imagination is your limit! This is what the photoshoot was all about with the internationally aclaimed photographer Nicolo Cosme !

With nicolo cosme
Thanks to the Nuffnang Philippines team who invited me to this funtacular photoshoot!

So, how do I eat my Nestle Crunch Ice Cream in a funtacular way?

Like a Catcher!

I don’t want a single part of this delicious ice cream slip away!  I’ll use my hand to catch any fallng crunch or ice cream and eat it all the way!

Mind you peeps, this angle was my rarely shot angle because I think it’s my bad side!   In fairness, I don’t look bad at all at that side! Thanks Nicolo for shooting that side of me!

Here is the wall of the bloggers who had a Funtacular day with a photoshoot with Nicolo Cosme while eating a Nestle Crunch Ice Cream!

(The wall photo grabbed from Nikki Tiu of 
How about you, have you tried the new Nestle Crunch Ice Cream yet? Did you like it?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Hahaha cute

  2. mother earth! so nice to see you there 🙂 catcher pala ang way of eating mo! love it! :p


  3. yeah. maybe! tomorrow, siguro? i’m sure i’m going to be messy, unlike you. i’ll tag you on FB if i do it. hahahahaha

  4. you look gorgeous Miss Earth! i haven’t tried this ice cream! looks yummy 🙂

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