The Bootleg Beatles Concert at Solaire

Last night was another super fun night for me as I was able to see the Bootleg Beatles concert held at Solaire Resorts in Pasay City.  All the rave was true!  This concert is the closest to a real Beatles concert you can ever see in this lifetime (since in real life we know a reunion concert is impossible because 3 of them passed away for awhile now).

Any who, had the audience I was seated with were my age I would have enjoyed the concert way way better as some where I was seated with are around 50ish and super corny specially the one in front of me.  I wanna tell her we are not in an effing school recital or symphony, its Beatles concert woman!  Have effing fun and scream your lungs out like how they do it in the 70s.

The Bootleg Beatles impersonators remarkably sound and look like the original, especially John Lennon he has the most striking resemblance to the real one!   I will place Paul McCartney next, then George Harrison then Ringo Starr.

John Lennon
The Bootleg Beatles John Lennon
Paul McCartneyThe Bootleg Beatles Paul McCartney
George and Ringo
the Bootleg Beatles George and Ringo
The concert was amazing! They hardly take a break, they only had a few minutes break to change attire and then they roll again playing the amazing songs by Beatles!

review: The Bootleg Beatles Concert
They do it in 3 sets to depict the 3generations which is soooooooo super.  It was sooooo super duper amazeballs to the nth level I could almost cry!

Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club
the Bootleg Beatles concert review
Here Comes The Sun
the Bootleg Beatles at Earthlingorgeous
Here are some of the InstaVid I took of the concerts, sorry they are short 15secs clips oonly so as to give you an idea how great this concert was and how good these guys were so the next time you see them you won’t give it a second thought and watch it especially if you are a Beatles fan, it is so worth it!



I Wanna Hold Your Hand


Here Comes The Sun

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Stay gorgeous everyone!


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