Fab Info: Men Are Shopaholics Too

Nuffnang Philippines launched a contest to invite all shopaholics to join.  I was expecting that only female members would join and so having found male members joined surprised me.

The prize for the contest were all female stuff, girly bag, girly blings and a movie invite to the premiere of Confessions of a Shopaholic but despite men joined the contest.

This just prove that being shopaholic is not just female.  In fact men are more shopaholic than women with their out-of-this-world expensive purchases like some toys they keep in mint condition like Joriben and magazines and mini- cars they display that gathers dust.

While women buy useful affordable stuff like clothes, shoes, bag, make-up!

Joriben’s entry made my jaw drop with his “collection” of toys!

James in surprised me with his clothes affiliation and sounded like he is one of those metrosexual.

Mark was out of topic but told us the story of how his wife can buy more with a limited budget.

Azrael, Jehzlau and Pakjwan are brewing their shopaholic post and I heard one of them would be writing about their love for gadgets, home appliances and books.

It’s crazy to learn that boys, pretending to be men, buy toys worth P50,000 and display it on a shelf and just look at it. While I bet the male species go scratch their head over a P50,000 pair of shoes from Manolo Blahnik!

Ordinary Jane and John could not afford such lavish lifestyle though, but those who are really shopaholic will go the distance, even go under debt, just to buy that P50,000 worth of item they want.

I also think being a shopaholic applies to single, unattached, childless, working people, who doesn’t really have that financial responsibility aside from themselves, and this observation I had was confirmed by Druids in his entry and about his DVD movie shopaholic spree when he was still single. While Daddy Mike said his came after he got married and wrote a sweet post about his wife.

(You can find more entries on the shopaholic confession contest and not just the boys entry:))

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  1. Husband’s luho is way more expensive than my luho. It’s like a one time big time shopping.

    Talking about car accesories and their shoes. Us women can have a pair for as low as 500 but for them.. ohh boy…. 1k is not enough. 😀

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