Fab Review: Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Another movie adaptation from one of the best selling novels of all time was made by Columbia Pictures, Confessions of a Shopaholic and I was there to watch its premiere here in the Philippines last Monday courtesy of Nuffnang and the Ayala Malls Greenbelt in Makati.
Confessions of a Shopaholic is a movie about a girl who is hopelessly addicted to shopping, too addicted that it got her in to debt that almost cost her career as respectable journalist and the love of her life. The movie is set in New York City, one the fashion capitals of the world. So, I would understand why Becky could not resist shopping at all!

All I can say is if you want your boyfriend, husband or fathers to understand you shopping addiction, drag them over to watch this movie and get some laughs with them while seeing how crazy people get with this addiction.

The movie is a great teaser for the book, in case you haven’t read the book yet.  It’s a bit different from the book, some of the funnier scenes in the book was not captured in the movie.  But still it’s a fun, funny, entertaining movie with a lot of shopping item feast to the eyes.

The Cast
Isla Fisher portrayed Rebecca Bloomwood in the movie, she did justice to the role. She was silly and was not afraid to do crazy stuff giving justice to the character Sophie Kinsella created in the novel.   Huge Dancy awe me in the movie playing Luke the ever charming editor of Becky. He and Isla had a great rapport in the movie.

Award winning actors were also included in the movie like  Emmy award winner actor John Goodman (Graham) and Academy award nominee Joan Cusack (Jane) who played as Becky’s parents.

This is actually a great movie for fashionistas out there.  Becky’s wardrobe are to die for and something I wish I could strut at the Manila streets someday!

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  1. @ Lizz ay oo sobrang love ko yung purple dress! I’ll drag parin my honey to watch it with me just for the fun of it hahahahaha!

  2. Grabe yung purple dress no? I swear my mouth dropped open when I saw it… love t! 😀

    Glad you enjoyed the movie! It’s definitely something better to watch with girlfriends, haha.

  3. @ Toxic Disco Boy a.k.a. Mikhael well I am getting tired of the dark look, I’ve been wearing it for more than a year I miss color and Rebecca’s fashion is something I want to try when the year of mourning is over. But it’s just the clothes though my heart will always miss a piece of me. Enuf of the drama.

    @ Jes sent a reply to your blog 🙂

  4. hmmm…..mukhang magnda ang movie na to!!! =) cant afford to watch sa cinea kaya ntay nlng ako ng cd ahahah! =)
    nweis me question ako …..d b bdo ka,nung naglagay k b ng bank accunt mo sa ppp meron po bang binawas sayu? kasi saking meron twice 42 pesos each. Para san un and me isa pa kong bnk account n nilaga yung china bank, d ko p na check if me bawas dn =( hope you culd help me ty! =)

  5. it was a fun movie. not ground breaking but it delivered. Though I’m not a fan of Rebecca. I think Alicia “long spidery legs” Billington is more my style. hihihi. I think the best moment of the movie was when Alicia was walking and they focused on the studded Louboutins! haha. Promise I almost screamed that time.

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