World Autism Awareness Day On April 2

Many parents concern involved what their child will be when they grow up, will they be a doctor a lawyer or to whom will they get married.  But for parents of children with autism, our concerns are different.  How will my child be able to survive when I am gone?

UN declared April 2 as World Autism Awareness day last December 2007 which aim to promote awareness and early diagnosis of parents who suspect something different with their child.  Indeed early intervention help a child a lot as they go through adulthood and be able to face life independently.

I hope World Autism Awareness Day will educate the world by showing these kids are not the way they are because we spoil them, neglect them or overprotect them. They don’t choose to avoid eye contact, have peculiar mannerisms or to be silent.

With children with autism, tantrums in public are common, and so are the harsh looks and the unfair judgments that my daughter is a brat or that I am a bad mother. I know that my daughter must face the world without me one day. She must have friends. She must have opportunities.

There is one in every 150 child diagnosed to have autism . There is a child diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes.  Autism affects all persons regardless of race, religion, socio-economic status or geography.

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  1. Yes Rolly this is something really personal to me so I am an advocate.

  2. Earth, thanks a lot for the reminder. I’ve just joined the event at Bloggers Unite.

    I know that this is something very close to your heart. All of God’s best, Earth, for you and your daughter!

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