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Learning Challenges For A Child With Autism

The biggest challenge in teaching a child with autism is that they have a tendency to forget easily and so to be able for them to master something you have to teach the same things to them repeatedly until it becomes a habit.

When I enrolled my daughter for her special class she barely can sit for long minutes and barely can identify parts of her body. She also has difficulty identifying colors and shapes and her matching ability is more often hits or miss.

It really takes hard work and dedication to get her out of her shell. Even traveling with her can be a difficult because she would show her peculiar behaviours or throw a tantrum when in an unfamiliar place or in a place with lots of people.

I have to endure the rude stares and comments whenever she is on a hissy fit each time we are out to practice her behavior in public and her waiting time.

Aside from constant practice there are medicines, vitamins and foods that can help enhance her memory and behavior and Nutroplex is one of the vitamins recommended for her and also her daily forever maintenance medicine Tegretol to minimize her epileptic seizures.

After more than two years of attending her special school, my daughter is now a master in her class. Her strongest point now is matching objects and compared to other kids with her case it didn’t take her teacher long to make her master the parts of her body. In fact, if her progress continuous she will be included in a group of kids like her who are taught responsibilities around the house (applied daily living activities) like cooking, cleaning the house, buying and selling, counting money and change and the like.

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