Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Preview Party

This is the real deal, the Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Preview Party finally happened. Actually there were two makeup party batches, last Monday and last Tuesday. I went on the Tuesday party and I was soooo happy and sooo excited!

I was a bit late coming from my “complete workout” at Browhouse (will tell you more about that experience later) and some of the girls were already in the makeup counter playing with the goodies.

I squeezed my way in and here’s what’s in there and the items you will see on December 15, 2011 opening of Benefit Cosmetics Philippines in Greenbelt 5. Woot!



The skin care line Fix Its (price range Php1,300 – Php2,000)


I want my vanity mirror to look like this!

Look at the girls!

Aside from the makeup there are lotsa sweet treats. Customized cupcakes, cookies and lollipop featuring the Benefit Cosmetics supermodels!  I love the customized kikay cakes with pearls.  I want one for my birthday but this time they’ll be studded with swarovski crystal! Hahaha!

And the rest of the gals


With Bec, Sophie, and Clarisse!

I wanna be a Benefit Cosmetics Supermodel

Because: Looking good is the best revenge
and I’m so gorgeous, I make myself nervous! Bwahahahaha!

Love the attitude, bagay saken! Hahaha!

Anyway, here’s my wish list and something I will get for myself on the 15th. The Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Powder in Amber (php1,900), it super matches my skin tone to a tea, parang customized for my skin tone super perfect match!

and the Big Beautiful Eyes Palette Php1,700 and Eye Bright Php1,100 make my eyes look brighter, bigger and fresh. Not the haggard look I have.

And my take home goodies!

Chacha Tint (Php1,800) and Something About Sofia (Php2,000)perfume (the perfume that will be phased out forever and ever anywhere in the world, so I got the last of the mojicans hahaha!)

How about you what’s your Benefit Cosmetics wishlist? See you in December 15?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I remember your post that you didn’t receive the email saying the date was moved, and you got an early sneak peek 🙂 Now this one’s our sneak peek naman 🙂

    Loving the sweet treats! I’d love to be as luxurious as you, but I I wouldn’t dare put swarovski crystals in my cake :p

    Pwede ka na magmodel, they even got their tagline about you! 🙂

  2. Ayyy…it is nice to smell differently from everybody else nga…I would have loved to have a signature scent too…

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