The Offender And The Offended

While I was doing my daily rounds of blog hopping recently, I read a blog entry about a woman who was terrified by their neighbor who was a convicted sex offender. They didn’t know that the guy was one until that incident when the man flashed her a couple times inside his window while she was sitting at a bench on a playground near the area. She was chatting with a neighbor who was seated beside her but was looking the other way so she did not see.

After that incident she ran hysterical right into her home and immediately called the police to report the incident. Upon arrival of the police in the area only was she informed that that man was a convicted sex offender.

I wish I got the blog link, I will try to find it again. Anyway, she and her neighbors got really mad about knowing this because they were not informed about this. The police told them that the guy is on watch all the time and that he can do no harm to anyone. But since the incident how could they tell.

They wanted the guy out of their neighborhood but the police said they need to send a petition to the courts for this. She is now on the process of collecting signatures to have this guy moved somewhere else but not their neighborhood.

While doing her campaigned she learned that some of her neighbors were already flashed by this guy but did not report the incident.

This is so scary. As a parent with a daughter I don’t want my daughter running around any with a man like that. The woman who wrote the blog was right by saying its wrong to invoke the rights of criminals like that guy because they were the ones who offended other peoples rights first. If these people have rights to be anonymous for their safety the majority of the citizens who did not offend need to know if there are any lurking in their place to be safe too. But since the government does not allow giving such names its your prerogative to Track Sex Offenders in your area and protect yourself and your family from them if there is one.

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  1. Sex offender on the loose. That’s a scary scenario when you have kids. What if you’re both at work – you and your partner – do you think you’ll have peace of mind and still can work productively? That’s why I don’t go around without my yaya. You never know what’s lurking around some dark corner. lol.

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