Exclusive: What Carmina Villaroel Thinks Of BB Gandanghari

Another Earthlingorgeous.com exclusive.  Finally this is the first time Carmina Villaroel breaks her silence and tells everyone what she thinks about BB Gandanghari.  BB Gandanghari formerly known as Rustom Padilla is Carmina Villaroel’s ex-husband and Carmina has not met him/her yet.  Honestly, Carmina told us that she donesn’t know how to regard BB, a he or a she.  She seemed still uncomfortable talking about BB.

Carmina said she has not met BB as BB but as far as Rustom was concerned they are alright.  She said she is open to meet BB someday but there is no initiating the meet for her, let time do it for them.

Watch this unedited video clip it will tell you what she honestly feels it was taken during the Ensembles Debbie Co. launch last Friday, May 15, 2009.

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  1. earthlingorgeous

    Hahaha Jenny nagbago na naman ako ng lay-out di kasi bagay sa personality ng blog ko ung lay-out ko dati. Ung pink dati nasira na ayaw ko na ahahaha iba naman. Bait ni Carmina in that sense nanahimik nalang sya.

  2. Hi Earth! Frances was here pala 🙂 I agree with everyone, Carmina’s taking the blame and keeping things to herself says a lot about her character. Sbi nga sa plurk (rock) Hope you’re having a great day! Paiba iba layout mo ha. Na addict kna sa wp 😉

  3. I also admire her for keeping mum on this

    I just don’t understand why some reporters want her to say something about him/her

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