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I got a huge lump on my throat as I was doing this digi-scrapbook.  I just realized my daughter and father did not have that much of a picture together.  I know they have a couple but I couldn’t find them with the piles of picture files I have.  The photo of my father and my daughter here was taken just 6 months before he left this world, somewhere of December 2007.  I miss father so much.  Darn this wasn’t suppose to be an emotional post sorry mommies.
Last New Years Eve With Papa

The pics with her granny was taken during a birthday party where my daughter was dressed as Snow White and my mom was the Evil Step Mother! LOL!  Enjoy and happy mommy moments!

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  1. Hi Earth. Sensya na ngayon lang nakadaan.
    Nakakarelate ako sa kwento mo. At least ikaw nakasama mo si Tatay, nakita pa ni Baby mo. Ako hindi nasa tummy pa lang ako ni Ina…pero alam mo kapitbahay ko lang siya pero no pansin ako….ay ano ba ‘yan nagkwento na. 🙂
    Happy for your daughter that she has both the love of her Lolo and Lola. 🙂
    happy for you, too! 🙂

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