Making The Most Of SMS Services

Cellphone is truly becoming the most indispensable gadget in the lives of every Filipino.  The Philippines was not called the texting capital of the world for nothing.

Another innovation that uses mobile technology is now on it’s beta phase, the AKA Mobile Directory (initially available in the Philippines only) that aims to, among others :
1.  have a searchable online directory for personal or business use that is accessible via SMS.
2.  intertwine mobile and online messaging where messages sent to your username or “alias”, can be automatically forwarded to your phone (as SMS), to your  e-mail, and even to Facebook (as notifications).

Here’s how you can make use of the messaging capability of AKA:

Just input the keyword of what you are searching for like “restaurant in Quezon City”.   Type AKA FIND restaurant in quezon city to your mobile phone and send to 09229997255.   Immediately you will get the list of restaurants included on their directory.  Same thing goes about finding a person just type AKA FIND (name or alias of that person) and send to 09229997255.
SMS messaging

You can also do your mobile blogging through the site by following the same procedure.  Just key in your post/text on your mobile phone and send to the above number and it will appear on your microsite.

I think their SMS search engine is great for businesses and professionals who want to have their services/products publicized and be more accessible. One can easily update the people on their “friends list” or “watchers list” of the latest promotions or product they offer in one SMS message. While bloggers can immediately alert their subscribers or readers for updates.

I just had a problem logging in because I forgot my password when I registered a few weeks ago (my fault). But I am glad I forgot because I was able to see some loopholes in the system that probably AKA can improve.

1) There is no reset password or forgot password button anywhere in the home page for easy access.
2) You can find the  reset password/ forgot password in the Help tab under the How can I change my password query.  It would be better if the forgot password button is somewhere accessible.
3) If you don’t have a load you can’t reset your password immediately. It would be more convenient if you can also do this online.
4) If you lost your alternative phone you can’t reset your password.  You can’t register same number twice.

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