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Feminine Hygiene 101

Men often wonder why women take long hours in the shower while they can do it in 10 minutes or less. They didn’t know that aside from shampooing our long locks, we also use conditioner to keep it soft and smooth. That aside from using soap on our body we use a bath gel to keep our skin soft and moisturized. We don’t just use soap for our face we use facial wash. And of course we also take care of our feminine hygiene. Men couldn’t possibly understand this because all they use is soap and then go.

But of course this is a general statement and not meant for the metrosexual men out there who are so obsessive of their personal hygiene which is good! However, the general population of men don’t understand this and don’t care about Feminine Hygiene Products and believe that soap can do the work. Well, it doesn’t.

Do I need to elaborate or do you get the picture? Soap leaves the skin dry and doesn’t keep us fresh longer like a feminine wash can. And since bad stuffs (bacteria and fungus) like dark damp places it’s better that we use better protection for that intimate part. There are so many products out there but none can compare to a product that is tried and tested for generations.

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  1. I use feminine wash every other day but of course use it everyday when I have my period.

  2. melandriaromero

    i totally agree with you but then some of the doctors says that using feminine hygiene everyday is also not good. Naku, what shall we do with it na?

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