The Battle Of The Canned Corned Tuna

Admit it or not, you are tempted to try the latest crazy in canned foods, the canned corned tuna, because of either you are enticed by their endorsers or are a patron of the other popular brand before.

Yes, I am talking about the Century Tuna corned tuna endorsed by Derek Ramsey and San Marino corned tuna being endorsed by Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera (and also by Darna as they are squeezing a segment in the show where the characters will eat the tuna!)

Anyway, I am a fan of corned tuna and was a patron of Century Tuna for years.  Then came San Marino with an intriguing innovation, a corned tuna.   I tasted both and here is what I think about San Marino vs. Century corned tuna.

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  1. I’m a canned tuna lover. But when it comes to corned tuna mas nagustuhan ko San Marino. I love pairing this with hot pandesal. Sometime egg and white bread lang if on diet solve na ang gutom. 🙂

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