Mars Kingdom Freestyle Folding Bike Review

Folding bikes are a new concept and I was one of those who were curious about how a folding bikes works, how convenient it is to use and if it is really easy to fold and unfold and carry along wherever you go.

Product Info
The Mars Kingdom MFK-20 Freestyle Folding Bike is a 3-speed, V-brake, steel frame bike (18 kilos) suitable for daily use and for workout. Aside from its folding ability, this freestyle bike has a suspension that absorbs shock from small bumps when you are riding so you’re always on the go.



What I think of it?

  • You need a few tools to assemble your folding bike. You will need a screwdeiver and bolt wrench to screw and tighten some bolts , screws and knots tightly. If you have the tools it will only take you tops 15 minutes to assemble the bike.  You will just need to screw-in the stirring wheel, the seat and the pedals, everything else is assembled in. There’s no wrong way to put the bike together as if you put the screws or sides wrong it won’t fit.
  • You need to go to a vulcanizing shop to get air on your wheels as they come deflated.
  • The brakes are amazing. Materials at top-notch.
  • Aesthetically beautiful.
  • You can adjust the height of the seat according to your desire. I adjust it if my daughter, mom or sister wants to ride it. I like it at the highest height though.
  • I’ve rode it a few times already and I am so happy about it! It gives my legs the absolute workout it needed especially when I go uphill!
  • I haven’t tried it on long rides yet though as I don’t have the riding gears yet like helmet and reflector lights although thia comes with reflector lights at the back and the paint finishing is reflectorized so it is suitable for night riding. I actually ride around 6pm if I don’t have an event or just home at that time.
  • If you are as petite as me (5’1 and 100lbs), bringing this to short distances or using it to go to work or do errands may be a bit hard since it is made of steel frame it is kinda heavy to carry around but manageable. If you want a total workout and if you are bigger than I am you might as well.

Do I recommend it?
Yes. It’s been ages since I rode a bicycle. The great thing about learning to ride one is not having to lose the skill. So when I got my Mars Kingdom MFK-20 Freestyle Folding Bike almost a month ago, I was so happy.  Finally, will now be able to bike at my whim without needing to go to a public rental in a park to experience riding again. Biking is a great workout too! I ride 30 minutes and I get all sweaty and sore the next day coz of the crazy leg workout I get when going uphill!

If you want something lighter you can get the ones with alloý frame they are lightweight compared to this one. Mars Kingdom has alloy frame folding bikes available at

Mars Kingdom Freestyle Folding Bike is sold at Php9,800.00 but Lazada has a sale for Php5,800.00 you might try to buy on 11-11 as there will be amazing sales happening the price might get lower, who knows!

Happy biking!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. ordered black for my 11 y/o son at Lazada today 4,800 plus 15% less valentine15 voucher,so it’s only 4,080,free shipping(feb 19-21).Ok n dn for his 1st bike.Bago p lng sya natuto mgbike,hiram hiram lng s mga kalaro.

  2. Hi again Earth (why does saying this makes me feel like im in outerspace) anyway thanks for the suggestion… hmm.. was a bit sad to know that the bike will not suffice, but still thankful. Your information prevented me from wasting precious precious money. 🙂 Thanks-thanks again! Hoping to buy a bike soon! Sobra traffic dito sa baguio. It would be nice to have a bike that can i can squeeze in traffic jams, plus need to lose weight asap to fit in this one particular dress!!! Lols! God bless!

  3. Hi Cathy, I haven’t test sa super high hills like in Baguio yet but sa place I live the street goes uphill mejo effort and mejo scary pababa hahaha pero OK naman mejo masakit sa legs to go up.! I suggest you get a bigger bike not folding bike may mas mura naman and you would need something with bigger wheels.

  4. Hi Earth, great review, very informative. I would just like to clarify one thing… so the bike can really go uphill? I live in Baguio and would like to buy one. Why? because I need to lose weight (lols!) and need to go around the city with spending too much on taxicabs, plus we have limited parking space so I can just fold it and tuck it under my desk. Where I leave now is about 7km of straight uphill and 3kms of flatlands going to work. Do you think this bike can do the trick? lols! I dont wanna buy an expensive bike since im not sure if im gonna stick with biking.. though I do hope I will. Please do let me know. Thanks! and God bless you!

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