My Favorite Beauty Ritual

Sleep is the best beauty ritual ever but since I am deprived of a long and restful sleep since I had my daughter I need some help from trusted beauty products and some vitamins.

I need to wash my face in the morning with a facial wash that is hypoallergenic and made for combination skin (my skin can be dry and normal depending on the weather and the kind of sleep I got). Then I follow it up with a toner, then some creams (day and night).

But when I’m on a lazy day, I skip the toner and the creams and just use the very reliable instant fresh-look-all-day serum from Avon, ANEW Rejuvenate Flash! It’s just like magic.

But if you don’t have the Flash, Stresstab does the same effect. The problem with it is you get sleepy a lot.

This post is an entry to my blogger friend Lizz and Josh’s blog contest.

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  1. Ever since ngwork din ako, i wasnt able to get enough sleep, ngaun laging 5 hours sleep lang ako kaya feeling ko nga tumanda na ako ng sobra hehe

  2. @ Lizz yeah I know how lack of sleep affects how we look all day and ANEW Flash is like magic talaga makes you glowing all day! Seriously endorsing it hahaha pero mejo mahal mga more than P1k sya

    @ Yami hahaha I know same here haha. Stresstab lang katapat nyan!

  3. Hi Earth. I don’t really remember when was the last time I had my beauty rest. Kahit rest lang kahit wala na yung beauty. hehe.

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