The Earthlingorgeousness team already faced a roadblock on day 1 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days To Show Off Your Shape challengeTwo of our four member team members were initially rejected to join the contest for being over the acceptable body mass index (BMI). We didn’t expect any rejection because we all thought that the challenge was meant for people who are over their ideal weight or BMI.

Last Saturday, November 14, 2009, was the launch of the Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days To Show Off Your Shape challenge, a fashion and fitness promo to motivate more women to get in tip-top shape by rewarding the winners the most coveted designer wardrobe in Manila and the first day of our journey to lose 2 pounds in 14 days!

Our team name is Earthlingorgeousness (vote for us here please! Thank you!) .  Our team is composed of 4 members of strangers that met online with one goal in mind get a healthy lifestyle, be fit, lose weight and grab the chance to win a fabulous wardrobe from Manila’s most coveted designers.

Earthlingorgeousness team was created through an blog post I did a couple of days back about looking for a fitness partner or team to join me on this 14 day journey of losing at least 2 pounds in 14 days!

Earthlingorgeousness Team

Wena: During the weigh-in she measured 4 feet 11 inches, 148 lbs. with BMI of 30.
Belle: During the weigh-in she measured 5 feet 2 inches , 115 lbs. with BMI of 20.9
Earth (Team Captain): During the weigh-in I measured 5 feet , 101 lbs. with a BMI of 19.87
Kessa: During the weigh-in she measured 5 1/2 feet, 150 lbs. with BMI of 29.1

However getting all 4 of us in the contest was not easy.  Two of our team mates were rejected initially for being over the acceptable body mass index (BMI) for the challenge. If  I felt sad I could only imagine how they felt when the doctors told us that we just give them part of our winnings for the contest for their effort of coming to the weigh-in.

Nestle Doctors computing our BMIKessa having a doctor check-up

They didn’t go to the event as early as 9am for the weigh-in just to be rejected.  They went there with high hopes and the motivation to lose weight and bring back their lost confidence when they gained more than the average BMI.

Earthlingorgeousness team waitng for me getting a make-over

However, in spite of their disappointment, Kessa and Wena stayed in the event venue and continued their support for me and Belle.

Since there was a free make-over session at the event, Wena went to get all dolled-up, while Kessa patiently waited for us, showing her support for our team.  To us, even if they were not allowed to get in they will take part in the team and even get a prize when Belle and I wins.  They were an addition to the Earthlingorgeousness teams motivation to win.

Belle getting a make-over

Me getting a make-overWena getting a make-over

As soon as Wena’s make-over was done, one of the doctors approached Kessa and told her that she and Wena is now considered to join the challenge since it was not indicated that those who are over their BMI will not be accepted.  However they should make it a point of achieving the 2 pounds goal.

With the Nestle Fitnesse Jury

Nestle Fitnesse Jury
Kate Toralba and Me

We were so happy to hear the news. Each of us got a make-over, enjoyed the event launch especially meeting the 14 Days To Show Off Your Shape challenge jury and one of Manila’s coveted fashion designer Kate Toralba who was so nice and upbeat cheering our team up and we saw the wardrobe up close and personal and got our Nestle Fitnesse starter kit which is a box of Nestle Fitnesse Low Fat Whole Grain Cereal.

Nestle Fitnesse 14 Days Off Launch Program proper

I know what I want
Earthlingorgeousness Team (vote for us here please! Thank you!)

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