Team Earthlingorgeousness Passed Nestle Fitnesse Weigh-Off!

We did our part as contestants lost weight in 2 weeks, now we ask you our friends and even strangers out there to VOTE for Team Earthlingorgeous. Our Win is your Win! So VOTE FTW (for the win) !

We are four dedicated and competitive women up for the win. We signed-up for the Nestle Fitnesse 14-days to Show-off Your Shape challenge and we are definitely up to finish it for the win.Ā  We show no mercy to our opponent, it’s a competition for the ultimate wardrobe from no less than Chanel, 7FAM, Hermes, Religioso, Kate Toralba, Michi Calica, Rhet Eala, and Jun Escario mind you.

IĀ  lost 2.6 lbs, Kessa lost 4lbs., Wena lost 4.6 and Belle lost 2.8 lbs in two weeks of sticking to the diet plan which is a Nestle Fitnesse cereal for breakfast and another meal, either lunch or dinner. No rice, just wheat bread and fruits and vegetables for snacks. and some simple exercise routine for muscle toning.

Photos during the weigh off:

Belle weighing off

Kessa weighing off

Wena weighing off

Earthlingorgeous weighing off

Nestle Nutritionist computing our BMI
Earthlingorgeous getting her blood pressure
Nestle Nutritionist computing our BMI

Doctors and Nutritionist checking our vitals and computing our BMI.
Team Earthlingorgeousness Nestle Fitnesse 14-days Challenge!

Team Earthlingorgeousness looking good, feeling good!
Team Earthlingorgeous Bear love

Aren’t we so worthy of the Ultimate Wardrobe! šŸ™‚Ā  VOTE us NOW!

Oh if you are curious what kind of diet it was here is My Get Fitnesse Diet.

If you are curious how the Team Earthlingorgeousness was created here was my call when I was Looking for Fitnesse Partner/Team.

And if you want to know how much we weigh and the roadblocks we encountered during the 1st day of Earthlingorgeousness 14-day Journey To Get Fashionably Fit you can read that one.


  1. congrats with this. I am really trying to lose weight also. I am just eating oatmeal at night na lang to avoid over eating, Grabe na kasi ang breakfast and lunch ko with the everyday snacks pa on our office. Hay, kelan kaya ako papayat?

  2. Sayang d pede kasama guys dto hehe.
    Hey, I just got my own domain, please add me up in your blogroll. Already have you in mine. šŸ™‚

  3. Author

    thanks lizz! vote for us! šŸ˜€

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