It’s the 9th day of the 14-day Nestle Fitnesse diet plan challenge and I must say I reached my weight goal already and as promised I will share to everyone what my diet is all about. It’s about cereals, fruits and protein rich diet. Less salt, less oil and less sweets.

I know you think that is kinda boring diet to have. But believe me it is not. Of course at first there will be the withdrawal syndrome where you would get hunger pangs and cravings but with a lot of determination and awesome diet partners you can never go wrong.  So without further ado, here is my get fitnesse diet.

Fashionably Fitnesse Christmas!


For day 1 to day 9 of the diet plan I interchange having a Nestle Fitnesse Honey and Almond cereal, Nestle Fitnesse and Fruits or Nestle Fitnesse original with either a slices of banana, mango or melon for variety.  I use skim milk for my cereal, but if you are lactose intolerant you can use soy milk or lactose free milk.

Fitnesse cereal does give you the “fuller factor” so I really don’t need to have that 10AM snacks or the snacks before lunch time like I used to.

Nestle Fitnesse with melon slicesNestle Fitnesse with manggo slices

Nestle Fitnesse Original with banana


I have protein packed diet. Meaning a lot of meat, beef or pork, I am not much of a chicken or fish person.  I like steaks or stir fried beef or pork with steamed vegetables .  I eat lots of vegetables, fruit juices and fruits for my desert. I try to avoid rice/ carbohydrates as much as possible.  So instead of rice I eat wheat bread with my steaks.  It was only the first few days up to the 3rd day  that I have to give in to rice because I get the hunger pangs. But the next following days went very well.

FYI: Meat is good since it helps build muscles and not fats!

Pork Steak with creamy sauce, Java Rice and Brocoli

Pork steak with creamy sauce, steamed brocolli and java rice. Yes I ate rice for the first few days up to the 3rd day.

Rib Eye Steak, potato salad and corn

Yummy ribeye beef steak with potato salad and corn. Mmmmm no rice needed on this one! It’s a 220 gram U.S. ribeye steak! Yummy!
Pork steak and vegetables

Pork steak with Mang Tomas as sauce on the side and steamed sayote and red bell pepper as side dish.  I had two loaves of wheat bread for this one.
Pork with Cauliflower and red bell pepper

Stir fried beef strips with cauliflower and red bell pepper.  Another version for the beef and brocolli.  I had this with wheat bread also.
Corned beef, 2 loaves of wheat bread, egg and manggo

Corned beef, fried egg 2 loaves of wheat bread and a mango.


I eat Fitnesse cereal for dinner like how I do it during breakfast except I don’t drink coffee but have more fruits and fruit juices at night.  I also drink a lot of water all day to keep me hydrated.

Nestle Fitnesse Honey & Almond and Fitnesse Fruit

Believe it or not, since I started this diet two loaves of wheat bread is already equal to the 2 cups of rice for me.  I feel already full.

This diet completely debunks the belief that you have to starve yourself to get in shape.  Looking at this diet I am not starving myself to death right?

Before I began with the diet I bought 3 bars of Sneakers for my snacks while I tinker with the computer but since I got it a night before the weigh in, the Sneakers bar remains untouched.  I was also surprised that I don’t crave for the Krispy Kreme donuts I love.  I used to buy 2 dozen a week and I can eat it all by myself since my daugther doesn’t like donuts.

Since I already achieved my ideal weight I will just try to maintain it by having the cereal breakfast and the protein rich, rice-less menu I have for lunch and dinner.   The Nestle dietitian told us that pasta is OK! so yes I am having them since they are my favorite! Greenwich Meatball Spaghetti is the love! I am having them for lunch very frequently since it’s back.

Greenwich Meatball Spaghetti

I also do light exercises like the 4 minute FIT workout I learned a couple weeks ago and I use these waist-twisting equipment  I got a Proline to trim my waistline and this cute pink dumbbells to tone my arms.

Exercise equipment


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  2. hmm nice diet but i dont eat wheat bread…..pati si Ric nakikialam sabi nya “o diba sabi ko syo good ang wheat bread” hehehe…but i really wanna try “NO NO TO RICE” and of course Nestle fitnesse. I wish you luck and the entire team.

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