The New Me

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The New Me

This year has been a lot of transformations for me and this blog has been a witness to the many changes and experimentation’s I did to update my look. My skin got lighter, I had an eyelash extension, had that annoying mark on the left side of my cheek removed.

Lighter Skin

I grew up being discriminated by many because of my dark skin tone. They would look down on me which made so inferior especially when I am being called “baluga” or “negra” or even “dugyot”. I was very insecure. There was a time when I wished there was a magic eraser or something to make my skin lighter if not whiter because all the “whiter” girls gets all the opportunities, the cute boys, the best seats at parties, best choices , in short the VIP treatment.

Me 13 years ago and now

I wasn’t able to do anything about it in High School, I love the outdoors, I love going to the beach and I was a C.A.T. offer (Captain of Bravo Company ahem! haha!) so I am more often than not exposed to the sun which made my dark skin tone the darkest. When college came I got the opportunity to explore products to make my skin fairer. I started trying out that product which was so popular during those days.   It was a round green colored whitening soap that requires you to leave it on your skin for a couple minutes before you rinse it off which leave you to acquiring the soaps’ not so pleasant smell.  It actually smells like bleach.  Aside from the not so pleasant smell it also makes the skin dry and flaky and you would have to use so many soap bars to achieve minimal to no result at all.  It was so disappointing until I finally gave up for awhile.

Me in 2004 and 2009
Light  that’s just right!

Then came GlutaMAX soap.  If Jinky Oda can why can’t I?  I wasn’t born to an African-American parent, my dad is “Tisoy” so maybe I can achieve what Jinky achieved.   Surprisingly results sets in less than two weeks. My skin is lighter and I am now more confidentI may not be ivory white but at least I am not to be called “baluga” or “negra” anymore.  I am not ashamed to rub elbows with Caucasian models, actors and actresses because I won’t look too inferior.

Longer Lashes

My eyelashes were the average not so long, not so short and not so thick.  But with the I-lash eyelash extension procedure I tried, my eyes became brighter and it look bigger because of the curled, long, thick eyelash extensions I got.

Loving my Betty Boop eyelashes!

Blemish Free Skin

There was a patch of dark blemish on the left side of my cheek that I have to endure day in and day out for the past 7 years.   I went for a consultation with several dermatologist and I was kinda apprehensive of the kind of treatment they gonna give me because I was afraid that the thing will come back again and or will be replaced by another ugly scar mark.  Aside from the fact that I hate needles!  Then I went to Bioessence Spa and they told me they have a painless treatment for this and so I jumped in. Now the new me after the Bioessence painless blemish removal procedure.

hours after a laser treatmenthours after a blemish removal laser procedure

5 days after a laser treatment

Blemish free skin! Isn’t it great!

A lighter skin, longer eyelashes, and a blemish free skin, who could be more happier with the new me than me. I feel more confident and truly gorgeous inside out!

GlutaMAX, See The Results!

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  1. hahaha oo try nyo na 🙂 nothing to lose unless sensitive skin ka consult your derma first.

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