If you are planning to work abroad take a look at this survey first.

“Family life is the leading indicator of whether or not an expat assignment will be successful. Many overseas stints end prematurely because an employee’s family feels disconnected from the new country and has trouble handling basic tasks like refilling prescriptions, driving around town or dealing with the local police.”

It was surprising to see that Bahrain topped the Top 10 Friendliest Country in the World an Expat Explorer survey commissioned by HSBC Bank International and conducted by the research company FreshMinds and published at Forbes Magazine.

I was surprised to see that Philippines was not included in the list and would have love to see where my country stands but sadly it was not there. Last year Canada topped the list.

The survey respondents were expatriates from the U.S., Europe and elsewhere and lived in more than two dozen countries and on four continents. They ranked each country based on 23 factors, including food, entertainment, health care, commute and education. While the ranking is according to a so-called “integration score,” a snapshot of which countries are most welcoming to expats.

According to the expats surveyed the World’s Friendliest Country are:
1. Bahrain
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. Thailand
5. Malaysia
6. South Africa
7. Hong Kong
8. Singapore
9. Spain
10. United States

world's friendliest country

However, Bahrain’s ranking would have been a fluke because according to the demographics only 35 expatriates from Bahrain participated in the survey compared to 450 respondents from the U.K.

Read more about the World’s Friendlies Countries here.


  1. Filipinos are undeniably good when it comes to knowledge and skills.Hope the government will see that and use that for us to achieve greater result for our country.

  2. Hmmmmmm Foreigners love to visit the Philippines or love to live in the Philippines because the exchange rate of their money is 3x bigger than our money! we are being friendly for us to earn more money.But did you think of being #1 when it comes to economic growth?did you aim for us to be lined up with the first world country?aiisst..

  3. The Philippines should have been there. Foreigners love living here coz everyone’s so friendly and ever smiling.

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