Good news  shoppers gather up all your expired GCs because you can still use them way beyond their expiry date. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issued an administrative order scrapping their expiry date on GCs.

The  administrative order (Administrative Order (DAO) 10-04. Series of 2010) was issued June 25, 2010 and will apply to all gift certificates (GCs) issued by any business establishments, salon, restaurants, shops, spa’s etc.

GCs will now be as good as cash since they were already paid in full by whoever gave it to you so you should be able to enjoy whatever amount and benefits stated on the GC anytime you want.

gift certificates are good as cashGC

Too bad I cleaned-up my clutter just the other day and thrown out all expired GCs I have. This is all that’s left Boohoo!

This makes me happy!  I have tons of GCs I wasn’t able to use because 1) I forgot about them; 2) the shop is out of the way; 3) I forgot the GC.

This memo order is effective this month, July 2010.

So if you have tons of expired GCs  visit the store where it was issued (or call first) and have it revalidated so you can use it to shop, dine or use the service stated at any time you want.  As I’ve stated earlier the GCs were already paid for so they are good as cash and you should be able to consume it despite the expiry date.

However, some establishment don’t know about this memorandum order or are apprehensive in acknowledging your GCs because they worry about it being a fake one.  You can call the DTI hotline at 751.3330 to report establishments denying your GCs or have them call DTI and verify this admin order.

electronic Gift certificate
I think the way to go around fake or counterfeit GCs is to make them electronic like this one from California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)  its easy to validate on the store machine and your definite your establishment is the only one owning the machine.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Thank you Earth for this information. I have a lot of GCs also that I haven’t used. At least now I know that I can still use them khit expired na.

  2. Author

    @ James yes covered lahat ng GCs because they were already paid for by whoever gave the GC its good as cash so you should be able to use it. I’ll try to redeem some of my expired GCs just to see for myself.

  3. oohh this is a very nice news… I wonder kung may magrereklamo sa mga GC na nagexpire na before the effectivity date ngaun month…. was it included??

  4. Author

    @ Bagel if you do encounter problems just let them call the DTI hotline 🙂

    @ Frances yes I’m glad its official narin 🙂 I don’t have to worry that I’ll have expired GCs or rush to a store to claim it kahit out of the way sya

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