Are You A Discerning Consumer?

Aside from being a beauty blogger who blogs about shallow things and vainness, reviewing beauty products and trying out different services I am also a mom.

As a mom I have to be very discerning with things that will concern my daughter and her welfare.  I have to make sure that I will give her what is best for her especially when it comes to whatever she puts in her mouth like food, drinks and medicine.  After all there is a saying “you are what you eat!”

When it comes to medicines and vitamin supplements for me and my daughter I make sure we use a brand that is trusted and proven effective.  I’m surprised to know that most of the brands I use for my daughter like Ceelin, Aperbon Kid and Solmux are manufactured by Unilab.  Even the medicines I personally use and recommend to family members and friends such as Decolgen, Biogesic and Alaxan are from Unilab.

Aside from medicines and vitamins I personally use one of their beauty product, the Myra line, which includes the Myra Vitaglow Tinted Moisturizer, Myra E facial moisturizer,  Myra E Shine-Free Face Powder, Myra VitaQuench  Dry Skin Lotion and  Myra E lip balm are all from Unilab!

With the growing number of  “natural” medicines being marketed around and claimed effective its really up to us moms to decide, are you gonna follow a fad/hype or stick to what is tried and tested and have a sound assurance that you are purchasing quality medicine.

How about you?  Do you follow the trends in medication or stick with the ones you’ve proven effective?  Are you a discerning mommy/ consumer?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • Tetcha 08/20/2010 at 9:49 am Reply

    Hi, Earth! It was nice seeing you again at yesterday’s guided plant tour. Sa susunod ulit!

    • earthlingorgeous 08/20/2010 at 5:26 pm Reply

      Hi Tetcha was nice to see you again too and all the other mom in the group 🙂 Yeah ’til next time lets ride the water taxi haha!

  • wena 08/20/2010 at 8:35 am Reply

    I am a discerning mommy too. When it comes to medicines/vitamins, I stick with those proven effective and manufactured by known pharma companies. I’ve been using Ceelin and Solmux for Thea for 4 years now.

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