This was the promo I’ve been dying to share to everyone , the Php450.00 sculpt MyBody or MyFace promo of Envie Slim & Sculpt which is available from Dec. 28, 2010 to June 30, 2011!

Reservation for a treatment should be made 3 days prior to your visit.  So please don’t think, don’t hesitate just get it!

I can surely vouch for the effectiveness of this treatment, I only had two sessions and yet I’ve achieve 2 1/2 inches off my waist and 2 1/2 off my back. Its been more than a week since my last session and I’ve been eating like a pig the past few days but still the fat ain’t coming back! I don’t even need to suck my tummy in just to have an illusion of a flat tummy!


This is a non-surgical lipo procedure that is very effective, its not just claims its true.  My sister I believe lost 5 inches already and counting!

The treatment is also available for face sculpting (double chin and chubby cheeks) flabby arms and cellulite filled legs!  You choose the package you want and get as many vouchers as you want!

I’ll be back before Christmas for my other rounds of sessions and then after Christmas so I’ll have an awesome body to envy by summer and I can flaunt it in my bikini! (tee hee dare me!)

You can get this 3 session for Php450.00 at Envie through CashCashPinoy!  Just click that green button and buy! (click click!) You have more than 13 hours left to buy! BUY NOW! Avail of this promo regular price is Php3,000 – Php6,000 depending on which area and the fats involved.

I wanted to be slim without having to use weight loss pills so this is my choice!

My goal is 24 inches waist and no double chin and back fats. What’s your goal?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Envie is located near Delta, Quezon City , across Wensha Spa, its the building where BPI is.


  1. hi, is it really effective? i have unwanted fat on my lower abdominal area… how many sessions kaya will it take to remove it?

  2. hi Nicquee have you tried them I not familiar with Clara, I’ve personally tried this one so I can say its really effective 🙂

  3. I bought 4 vouchers at Clara International last week and will use them after Christmas. My target on my waist is 27 and 34 on my hips.

  4. Author

    @PML I am not the type of person who likes to go to the gym haha I’m so tamad… this is so perfect parang sila na ang nagsi-sit-ups for me hahaha may free massage pa lolz

  5. Minus 2.5 inches? That means you are a lot sexier now sis. Hihi. Never tried anything similar to that, but I just lost 2 inches off my waistline from gym work out also. So happy that I feel lighter and more fit too 🙂

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