alternative to plastic surgery

Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is something that most TV stars dont think twice about. They can afford it though. What about the rest of us? Do we have to spend our lives with skin imperfections, blemishes, stretch marks, and wrinkles? Not really. There are alternatives to plastic surgery and some of them are not even that expensive. Lets take a closer look.

alternative to plastic surgery


This Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment uses the power from medical grade silicone in clarafuse skin pads that are revolutionary in order to improve the appearance of imperfections of the skin such as discoloration, wrinkles and lines, stretch marks, and more. This can be used on the abdomen, neck, chest, face, or really anywhere on your body where you would like to get results quickly. It has been clinically proven to make improvements on the skin in about an hour and gives people who use it a solution to skin problems that is free from chemicals and noninvasive. It comes with claraline peptide intensifying serum and claraprep creamy cleanser.

Facial Toning Devices

Did you know that there is such a creature as an exercise machine for your face? This machine purports to delay the appearance of aging signs on your face. Things like dullness of the skin, wrinkles, drooping jaw lines, and sagging can all be delayed by the toning device. This machine is supposed to lift the face and tone the muscles. It utilizes EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) technology that sends pulses right to the muscles in the face in order to activate the natural muscle movement of the body.

Snail Facials

Are you desperate enough to get better looking skin that you would let live snails crawl all over your face? Many women are and they are paying as much as $250 to have this done! The snail facial is said to help because of the hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and proteins in the mucous of the snail. These things have rejuvenating properties for the skin. Some doctors arent so sure though and continue to tout things like cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen.

Diet and Exercise

Many people (who can afford it) turn to things like tummy tucks and liposuction to get rid of unwanted fat and slim down. The thing is, neither of these procedures is a truly acceptable alternative for plain old diet and exercise. Instead of looking for a quick fix, simply watch your plate. Exercise by itself is always good, but diet is actually the most influential factor when it comes to flab that appears in ways that are unflattering. Think about lowering your carbs to less than 20% of your total daily caloric intake. Trade out foods that have been processed for things like vegetables and fruits. Get into the gym and begin and then stick with a program that consists of a healthy diet combined with regular exercise. Give it a minimum of two years and then if you still have an issue with flab, you can consider the lipo.

Total Curve

Have you been considering a mastopexy? This is surgery that is supposed to tighten the skin that surrounds the breast tissue to raise the breast and reduce sagging. It can cost as much as $5,000. Yes, there is an alternative. Total Curve is a natural therapy for breast enhancement. No, you wont be able to go up a whole cup size with this, but that isnt really the point, is it? This is a supplement in the form of a gel that lifts and firms. It contains antioxidants, herbals, and phytoestrogens that naturally have the effects of estrogen.

AntiWrinkle Creams

Botox. This is the toxin that is produced by a bacterium called clostridium. If exposed to in larger amounts, it can be responsible for causing a neuromuscular disease that is known as botulism. Now, does that sound like something that you would pay someone a lot of money to inject it right into your face? This is used to treat laugh lines, crows feet and wrinkles. Instead of injecting a poison into your skin, try some of the anti – wrinkle creams that are on the market. Some of them are quite good. They can treat the wrinkles and use gentle ingredients to make the skin thicker.


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