I tried an Organic Botox called Biotulin, this is what happened

I tried an Organic Botox called  Biotulin,  this is what happened

Those who read my blog or social media posts know that I am obsessed  with anything anti-aging.   I just don’t  want to look my age so as not to get that discrimination one gets because of age.  That’s  why I love the internet that way,  age is irrelevant.

Anyway,  Biotulin is an organic boto that promises to instantly smoothen your face instantly.  Like in an instant.  Biotulin is from Germany and now here in the Philippines.   There you can buy this product with a facial roller and use it at home.  Here in the Philippines you can only have it through a partner skin care salon. At the moment they are only available at Flawless.

Before the Philippines, Biotulin is already making waves in other Asian countries like China, South Korea and Singapore. It is also popular in different countries around the world. Aside from the USA, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia, it’s already a top beauty trend in European countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

Being the anti-aging junkee that I was,  I signed in to try Biotulin at Flawless.

There are two ways you can try Biotulin:  first option is to have three sessions of FNT (fine needling treatment)  to administer the Biotulin.  Second is to get one FNT session with Biotulin and take home the product at home and apply it by yourself.

Biotulin can be applied  topically and you can get the instant smoothening of your problematic wrinkle areas in your face.  But it is highly recommended  to have an FNT so as to get the product deep into the skin.

Anyway,  I had my first session of the organic Botox Biotulin and this is what happened:

During the session:

Since I was getting an FNT treatment to administer the Biotulin at Flawless,  they had to out topical anesthesia on my face and soak for 40 minutes.

Then the doctor administered the BIotulin using FNT on my face.  Here’s a video of the entire process:

Day 1:  My face was really red, because of the FNT,  I looked like someone who got sunburned on the face really bad.

Day 2:  Redness toned down a bit and I looked like someone with freckles.   My skin feels tight and dry itchy.  I was able to put on makeup with no problem.  There was no downtime except for the redness.   My face is really sensitive so I got really bruised from the FNT.

Day 4:   Just a little bit red,  but my face looks stretched and pulled.  The deep wrinkle under my eye looks more shallow.  My skin feels red and tight and still itchy.

Day 7:  Redness is all gone my skin is as smooth again. Deep wrinkles under my eyes are shallow and the dryness is gone.

Biotulin review Philippines

What I think of it?

  • My doctor at Flawless said you can have Biotulin every two weeks,  but in my case since I hardly have bad skin or wrinkly face,  it is OK for me to do it once a month.
  • But because of the redness because of the FNT I may just out to get the second option where I can take the product home and apply it myself.   My doctor had me take home the remaining Biotulin from my first treatment and I used it as a primer when I put on makeup.
  • I do notice my face smoother and relaxed.  The wrinkle under my eyes is shallower .
  • I think I will get the FNT but under my eyes only,  if they allow that in Flawless.  I will let you know on my next session.  Yes they can FNT around the eyes!
  • Oh I noticed the wrinkled between my eyes above my nose bridge is gone!   So that is amazing for a one session Biotulin treatment. 

Do I recommend it? 

I have two sessions left,  maybe the first one was not that surprising change as I expected.  However Like I mentioned above the wrinkle under my eyes got shallower and the wrinkle between my Eyebrows are gone.

For more information about Biotulin in the Philippines visit their Facebook page


Fractional needling therapy using Biotulin is available in the following Flawless branches: SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, Trinoma, Light Mall. Makati, Mall of Asia, SM Sta. Mesa, SM Manila, SM San Lazaro, Sta. Lucia, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Bacoor, SM Dasmarinas, SM Calamba, SM Lipa, SM Batangas, Marilao, SM Pampanga and Flawless Davao.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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