Ford Refuel Event

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Ford Refuel Event

How to refuel after the busy draining holidays?  Ford knew how.

A chauffeur-driven Ford Fiesta sport picked me up at Starbucks Shangri-la and brought me to Nail Spa in Makati.  The chauffeur waited until I’m done then brought me to The Terrace at the 5th for a hearty lunch.  Had I not any other event to go to that they I would have been sent home with the same chauffeur driven Ford Fiesta sport.

ford refuel event
A pamper me day at Nail Spa

ford refuel event 2011
A hearty meal at The Terrace

I don’t know much about cars, but I know what I like about them, first would be the exteriors, the ease of riding the car, and the awesome dashboard and interiors, and Ford Fiesta sport got it all. I enjoyed the voice activated radio so cute. The one I rode is sold at Php850,000 (correction its PhPhp816,000 read comment below!) not bad at all. The lower models is about Php650,000. (Check out the prices and the cars here) I’d get this for me if I can drive, or can it come with the chauffeur too when I buy it? haha!

Btw, how did you refuel after the busy Holidays?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Ford Refuel Event

  1. Hi Earth!

    The Ford Fiesta Sport with the Bluetooth Voice Control feature we showed you is actually sold for an amazing price of PHP 816, 000. =) Cool, right?


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