(LodRose) Eating the Night Away Midnight Mercato @ BGC

A little apologies that I took a week to write this piece.

Excuse Generator:  My head’s still spinning with too many events happening.  A little nervous on several firsts here – attending a food event representing my younger sister (while keeping in mind of my personal project of Aborting Baby Buena Mano) without knowing a soul over there, then writing about it. I also had just come from dinner consulting a friend on a personal problem I had then we also went to Ignite Manila 2 in support of my new friend CouchSurfing Ambassador for Manila Ronnie Gatbonton.

But enough about my drama and on to this fun foodie thingy:

When my friends or business contacts set a meetup at BGC, I always have this inner pout inasmuch as I love hanging out at Serendra and constantly floored by the onslaught of new super structures that suddenly popped up in the area.  This is because as a public transportation commuter, it takes a long walk from Market! Market! or a long queue at McKinley to get to the place.  So either I ask this contact to come pick me up or if I’m lazy, I would always resort to taking cabs (and you’d know how life can go downhill doing that sometimes).

So when my younger sister Earth asked me to drop by for the opening of Midnight Mercato @ BGC, I was really hesitant on attending.  But boy was I to be soo wrong.  When I got inside, I was introduced to a lot of great food and great company during their opening (February 11).  This is the brainchild of several foodies and entrepreneurs as on the photo below:

Coming in from dinner and a drink, I wasn’t able to sample much, just smell and smell and smell.  Given the vouchers they provided for the media, I instead took a lot of take home food for my sister & mom to taste.

From the press kit:

Inspired by the bustling night markets and hawker centers of Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, Midnight Mercato is the weekend late night food bazaar where you can enjoy mouth watering food finds – from home cooked meals to gourmet signature dishes to classic street food re-invented – while listening to live acoustic musical performances. Most importantly, you can enjoy Midnight Mercato in a clean, comfortable and organized setting inside an air-conditioned tent.

Organized by the same people who brought to you the highly successful Mercato Centrale weekend lifestyle food market, the Ultimate Taste Test and the Mommy Mundo events, Midnight Mercato promises to be THE late night destination for food enthusiasts from all over Metro Manila.

If you are interested in renting a food stall, please email rache@diaz.ph or visit www.mercatocentrale.com.

Midnight Mercato at Bonifacio Global City is brought to you by Go Negosyo, Citibank, the City of Taguig, RockEd, GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc., Foodie Delivery, Luxe by Goldilocks Jam 88.3, Wav 89.1, Magic 89.9, 99.5RT, 103.5 WOW, PEP.PH and SPOT.PH.

From Earthlingorgeous:  I have to send my sister to Midnight Mercato because I’m sure I won’t stop from eating. I need to keep the away from food at midnight or I would get the most horrendous tummy ever or I would need to find one of the most effective diet pills to stop me from eating.

Btw, have you check out the Midnight Mercato? I so love that spareribs thingy!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. so meron din pla sa Bonifacio global city na ganitong setup, S salcedo market lang din kc ang nkapunta and then ung sa ortigas every friday night…

  2. I guess it was because of the opening blues, that not all of the participant stores have opened.

    I would be looking for more vegan/vegetarian or overall more healthy eating options. With the grease and the meat that about most of the stalls, I haven’t got a lot of options there. I’ve never been to Banchetto so I cannot compare. Salcedo Market in daytime however, had a plenty.

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