Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium Fish Feeding Time

Have you been to the Manila Ocean Park yet?  If not you are missing so much!

My family stayed at the Hotel H2O at the Manila Ocean Park located beside the Quirino Grand Stand in Manila for a couple of days after the party so we get to finally see if the buzz about the Manila Ocean Park was worth the wait and the long lines we never dared to brace.  Well, it was worth it.

But the family was lucky enough because we didn’t encounter long lines  last Saturday morning, or even fight for a nice view for photo opps with the crowd.

We even witnessed the fish feeding and shark feeding time!  Take a look at these awesome videos I took.

Here’s the video I took using my Canon IXUS 105:

Another video I took with my E71 phone:

And this is the shark feeding time video I took with my E71:

The diver must love his work so much, imagine swimming with the fishies and feeding them too!  I wonder if this diver can find jobs for other divers too and if the pay is worth it. But of course I think I takes someone with a passion for the marine life to take a job like that right?

It does pay to go to a tourist destination early.  We were there as soon as it opens 10AM and we were out lunch time 12NN!  We enjoyed the park so much!

Entrance to the Oceanarium is Php300.00 adult and a 20% discount for kids below 4 feet 6 inches and Senior Citizens.  Manila Ocean Park is open daily from 10AM to 8PM.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. My daughter and I went there early this year. It was a Saturday so we didn’t thin there’d be a lot of people. But we were proven wrong. Busloads of students were there for their fieldtrip! We still had fun though. Love the jellyfish bar

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