My Color-Blocked Stilleto

Two days and a month ago I got this color-blocked stilleto for the “awards” night of the Ponds Unbeaten White Blogger Challenge at Fiamma in Makati.


I feel bad for not having any full-body photo shot during the event because I was so busy thinking of something else that night (my loves arrival). Most shots cut to the knees like this:

I grabbed these pics from other bloggers Mrs.Martinez and Azrael, the very few photos with a shot of my shoes!

Now, I have a dilemma, I love them shoes so much that:
a) I want to wear it as often as I can because they’re the hottest trend this season and I don’t see anyone else wearing them shoes like mine yet!
b) I don’t want to wear it often because I don’t want to break them. Having very tiny feet, it will be hard for me to find another pair my size. This was the last pair in my size and if I break them now I won’t ever get anything like it again! Waaaaaaaah!

Color-blocked anything are the hottest trend this season, get them while their hot!
These babies I have are not so expensive at all !  Thanks to Gibi!  A pair cost Php1,499.75 only!

This shoes is also fun to wear when you’re testoripped!:P haha!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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