Intimate Dinner With The Nestle Fitnesse Challenge Fashion Designers And Style Jury

Team Earthligorgeous including myself thought that winning the Ultimate Wardrobe is the best reward we could ever have being the winner of the first 14 Day Show of Your Shape Challenge by Nestle Fitnesse. But that was just the icing on the cake. The entire experience of joining and winning something big, meeting gorgeous famous people and friends was the best part of it all.

Who would have thought that we will rub elbows and know intimate stories of the Nestle Fashion Jury life. Details about their love life, how they meet their husband, what age they lost their virginity, who was the nerd in school and borrows books from the library and afraid of getting fined by the librarian, who was the “Manang” , who was the biatch mom who scared the hell out of her daughter’s teacher and made her an Outstanding student, who has a 59 year old dad who has a 20 year old girlfriend, who is an ex-gf stalker who can actually put up a investigate your husband/bf’s past business, who had an ex-gf gate crash their wedding wearing jeans, who fought about her son’s Lupang Hinirang test result that should have been perfect except for that too proud teacher of her son, and so many revealing stories you will never read or heard about. It is for us to know and for you to find out. These were precious moments you can never buy or trade for.

I wasn’t even ashamed of taking photos of my food and everyone around with or without me because we all understand about Facebook and having your own blog.  It was a super relaxed night.

Me and my girls! Sex and the City Too team Earthlingorgeousness Nestle Fitnesse version!

With The Michi Calica Sotto designer of this fabulous Majora blue dress/gown I’m wearing.

Team Earthlingorgeous With The Rhet Eala designer of Wena’s peacock eye black gown.

With Manila’s Most Coveted Designers Rhet Eala, Kate Toralba, Michi Calica, and representatives of Religioso and Nestle.

Photos with the Nestle Fitnesse Style Jury ; Bianca Consunji – Fashion Stylist, Metro – Associate Editor; Audrey Carpio – Associate Editor – Philippine Star;
Pauline Juan – Editor-in-chief – Preview; Donna Cuna Pita – Fashion Columnist – Philippine Star; and Rissa Mananquil – Beauty and Fashion Columnist – Philippine Star. Cherry Tan was there to represent Imagine.

If you look closely at the screen at the end of the table, that was me in my 7FAM Jeans and that was the official photos for the Ultimate Wardrobe. Can’t wait to get a copy of the VTR!

More photos here.


  1. looking better each day, earth…congrats again….will watch out for the VTR.hehe. 🙂

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