Ed Westick a.k.a. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl is here in Manila XOXO

He arrived a couple hours ago and he is here to do a photo shoot for an ad for Penshoppe XOXO and the Penshoppe he shot will be displayed all over a huge billboards in EDSA!

I wonder what he think of our sucky international airport?

Mmmm look at him..Do you want to meet him?

He is checked in at a 5 star hotel in Makati.  Hotel trivia and clue:  this one was popular with the military rebels couple years ago, this hotel’s facade was ruined when idiot military people tried to get a tanker in there.  Can you guess?

Anyway, did you say you want a meet-and-greet in a mall tour?

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Hmmmm Blake Lively will follow? 😀 haha!

Stay gorgeous everyone!



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    @Rai and Ynona , ED is not American 🙂 He is British! How lovely!

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