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How to Make a Decafeinated Coffee Jelly Drink using VinaMilk Condensada

As much as we try to guard what our kids will eat or drink when in school, we can’t just monitor them 24/7.  Instead of them sneaking to get a hands-off beverage from school or outside, why not make it for them at home!

Coffee Jelly seems to be a popular drink among young ones lately , plus my daughter likes coffee. So I decided to make something she likes , a Decafeinated Coffee Jelly drink using VinaMilk Condensada.

VinaMilk Condensada

Here’s how to do it:


  • Unflavored gulaman
  • VinaMilk Southern Star Condensada
  • Decafeinated coffee grinds (for brewing or dripping) but you can also use instant decafeinated black coffee and dilute in water
  • Water


Step 1:  Prepare gulaman/jelly

Cook gulaman in a pot by disolving the powder and simmer.  Add VinaMilk Condensada to sweaten as desired. Set aside. Let cool wait ’til it turns into jelly.VinaMilk Condensada

Step 2:  Brew or drip your coffee grinds or prepare black coffee (don’t add sugar)

Step 3: Dice jelly put in mug or glass or you can ads the gulaman mixture in the glass to set-in there.

Step 4: Pour black coffee in the glass or mug.

Step 5: Add VinaMilk Condensada and serve!

VinaMilk Condensada

It’s so easy to prepare and taste good too. I think it is even better than the ones sold at your favorite coffee shops! My sister even said I can make my own coffee shop business coz of this!

I was surprised how VinaMilk Condensada is no as super sweet like other condensada I have tried including those popular brands!  The Vinamilk Condensada just adds the right amount of sweetness that’s not overpowering or that umay factor .

I have more jelly left and I was thinking I can also use it for other drinks Tasha likes like Mango shake. I am also planning to make buko pandan salad and drink. Yummm! The possibililies are endless!

Vinamilk Southern Star Condensada can be found at your favorite leading supermarket in the country and is a product of Vietnam Dairy Product Joint Stock Company.


Here’s the video of how made decafeinated coffee jelly drink, enjoy!

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