Ariel 3D Deep Clean Launch with an Outdoor 3D Fashion Show With Bench

Fresh from the recent global launch in Dubai, Ariel 3D Deep Clean is finally here in the Philippines.


The launch was held with at the SMX Open Grounds in front of Microtel Mall of Asia with an amazing, one-of-a-kind first in the Philippine outdoor fashion show using 3D projection mapping, it was impressive!

The event was hosted by Ariel Celebrity Ambassador Boy Abunda with Bench as the sponsor of the clothes showcased at the 3D projection mapping fashion show and was styled by Sidney Yap.

Ariel 3D Deep Clean will also launch the first 3D TV commercial in the Philippines that will be aired on November 20, 2011. The commercial can be viewed in ordinary TV and you can witness the 3D effect using the 3D eyeglasses that will be given away for free when you purchase a pack of Ariel 3D Deep Clean.


I’m trying to upload the video of the 3D fashion show but my net is so slow will post as soon as its up!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Ang ganda talaga nang Ariel…we just went to SM this afternoon and bought Ariel detergent packs=)

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